Considering the advances in call clarity and features offered by VoIP phone systems, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional landlines to a unified VoIP solution. It allows you to use your own business phone number with an internet connection, so there’s no need to stress over advanced tech skills or physical lines.

Although the advanced unique features along with cheaper monthly bills are appealing, some businesses will still hesitate to follow through with it, thinking about the expensive hardware costs for setting up a VoIP phone system. People think the process is challenging and time-consuming when in reality it’s just the opposite.

In fact, setting up the best VoIP for small business systems is easier than setting up a traditional landline system. All you need is a reliable VoIP service provider. Keep on reading this article to find out the ten easiest steps to set up a VoIP phone system and know more about business VoIP providers.


What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

A VoIP business phone system helps to facilitate all phone calls using a cloud platform instead of the private brand exchange or PBX that most of the traditional lines use. Basically, VoIP is a part of UCC or unified communications and collaborations which connects all your business communications to a unified cloud platform.

The system allows businesses to communicate and collaborate with their teams, suppliers, customers, and others with any internet-connected device. Users can build a stronger connection with their customers with no interruption on their phone network like other traditional lines but VoIP comes with many features that landlines don’t.


10 Steps for Setting Up Your Small Business VoIP


Setting up the best VoIP for small business systems has never been easier. Still, you must ensure to have two essential requirements before starting the setup process. First, a robust and secure internet connection, and second your willingness to accept the unique technology.

Here are the 10 steps for setting up the best VoIP for small business phones:


  1. Prioritize Your Business Needs


The first step in setting up the best VoIP for small business systems is to assess and prioritize your business needs. It’s because VoIP offers features of all kinds whether it is remoted-based or it has a physical address. Depending on your business requirements, you should set the system up to help your business be all that it can be.


  1. Understand the VoIP Types


Once you have identified the problems you used to face with your traditional landlines and assess your requirements, it’s time to do the research and understand the different types of VoIP business phone systems available. There are hosted business VoIP providers and hybrid, or on-premises solutions that you can choose from.

Getting a business VoIP phone number can help your customers remember your phone number because a VoIP business phone can direct your callers to the right department and even answer most of the questions and leaves options for voice mail messages and live operators.


  1. Decide on a Budget


To be realistic, every business has a certain budget. While setting up a VoIP phone system, it’s important to keep multiple cost factors in mind and not just the upfront costs. It’s because the system’s scalability, flexibility, and business growth will affect the overall expenditure of the VoIP system. Based on these factors, decide on a realistic budget.


  1. Choose an Ideal Provider


There are hundreds of VoIP service providers out there; therefore, you should find an ideal provider by asking the right questions, getting a demo, and discussing the overall implementation.

There are a lot of sites where you can get unbiased reviews on multiple VoIP service providers but only UCaaS Review has the best, making your job easier to choose an ideal provider.


  1. Get Your VoIP Phone Number

Once you’ve chosen your ideal provider according to your budget, now it’s time to choose whether you want to use a fixed VoIP number or a non-fixed VoIP number. A business VoIP phone number allows users to make and receive phone calls from any remote location. You can even retain your existing number or get a new VoIP number to use.


  1. Invest in Quality Equipment


The next step in setting up the best VoIP for small businesses is to invest in quality equipment. If you want to get the best sound while making calls, then invest in high-end VoIP desk phones.

There are also cost-effective options available as well. Additionally, you can choose a VoIP headset to help your team communicate when working remotely.


  1. Install & Configure Your VoIP System


The process of installing and configuring the best VoIP for small business systems will depend on the VoIP solution type. For example, if you’re using a device-based system, then you need to connect your existing phones to the new modem using the adapters. Setting up your new VoIP business phone system is rather easy.

Since on-premises VoIP installations are different, it’s important to make sure you install them efficiently to get the most out of your VoIP business phone. UCaaS Review has all of today’s top VoIP Service providers with comprehensive information about each VoIP vendor leading business communications to future growth and expansion.


  1. Test Your System


difference between voip and unified communicationsSince your VoIP system is an internet-based solution, it’s important to test your network strength once everything is installed properly. Generally, a standard bandwidth needed for a VoIP system is 100Kbps download and upload per line. Since most internet providers now offer gigabit speeds, there shouldn’t be any issues but test it to ensure.


  1. Train Your People


A VoIP phone system is unique and considerably new to the market. Therefore, all its features and benefits must be understood properly before utilizing it. People can get confused seeing the overwhelming number of features, and this is why they need proper training to handle it efficiently and use the system for business expansion.


  1. Monitor VoIP System Regularly


Setting up the VoIP system couldn’t be easier but your job doesn’t end there. You must monitor and maintain the system properly to make sure it works at its best efficiency. You can either do it manually or hire business VoIP providers that care of everything even managed VoIP calls and cybersecurity.

As seen above, there are some simple steps for setting up the best VoIP for small business systems. With an efficient system like this along with reliable business VoIP providers, you can achieve higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability all within an affordable shade.


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Employees always demand a flexible working environment to adapt to their unique needs. A VoIP business phone provides all these features and tools to respond to the challenging and ever-evolving business landscape with a robust solution. A VoIP system is equally flexible as your workforce which helps you perform at your best.

Regardless, it can be challenging to find ideal VoIP service providers. However, UCaaS Review is here to provide you with unbiased insights on different business VoIP providers along with their pros and cons. Contact us today to know more about our business VoIP providers.

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