person making a VoIP call

15 Honest Facts About VoIP Service Provider Calls

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VoIP is now a renowned technology for making and receiving calls over the internet. One important fact about VoIP is that, unlike the old phone lines, it offers numerous capabilities at lower prices.

The most outstanding fact about VoIP is that phone users do not require an existing VoIP phone to use the services. A VoIP caller can buy or lease a VoIP phone from their preferred VoIP provider. Additionally, a VoIP caller on the VoIP system can skip the usual desk phones and still make calls to clients.
To learn more about VoIP, continue reading about other little-known facts.

Can VoIP Calls Be Tracked?

Yes, VoIP calls are traceable if the call passes through a public phone network or the internet. This is one disadvantageous fact about VoIP as there is always a digital trail left on the internet.

The 15 Best VoIP Call Service FAQS

Managing VoIP phone services is now easy using cloud-based, internet technology. However, there are many questions that users of such services keep on asking. These questions are mostly related to the services offered by VoIP companies and others.

Here are 15 facts about calls from the best VoIP service providers:

1. PanTerra

Does PanTerra offer services other than voice calls? PanTerra Networks is one of the best VoIP service providers that have a cloud-based platform with multiple features. These include team messaging, file sharing, call recordings, conference calls, and meetings.
Another important fact about the VoIP phone service from PanTerra is its unlimited voice mail recording feature.

2. Netiva

Does Netiva serve small businesses? The company provides internet-based communication for both small enterprises and large corporations. Its NextOS platform offers an all-in-one, reliable, and easy-to-use communication system.

3. RingCentral

What are the other products offered by RingCentral? RingCentral has professional communication services for online meetings, mobile faxing, voice and video calls. It also integrates high data security and reliability.

4. Virtual PBX

Does Virtual PBX offer a free version? Virtual PBX has a full-service, unified communication system with flexible management systems. Unlike other VoIP service providers, one fact about VoIP services from Virtual PBX is the free trial version available for new customers.

5. Vonage

Do Vonage services include home phone calls? Vonage also offers a free trial version for new clients for cloud-based communication. Its core services include provision for international calls, emergency calls, and home-based phone services.

6. Lingo

How popular is Lingo compared to other VoIP services? It is one of the most sought-after companies for cloud-based, residential phone services. It gives unified communication technology for both voice and data.

7. Intermedia Unite

How does Intermedia unite costs compare to other VoIP service providers? Its unified communication incorporates screen sharing, video calls, and a PBX phone system. Using Intermedia Unite, clients are assured of cheap, secure, and reliable communication.

8. Ooma

Does Ooma offer customized communication solutions? Ooma is a VoIP service provider for both small and medium enterprises. Based on business needs, clients can enjoy a customized communication solution.

9. Net Fortis Fonality

Who is Fortis Fonality? The company is a merger of Net Fortis and Fonality. It provides a unified communication system with auto-attendant and calls recording features.

10. Phone Power

Does Phone Power offer a money-back guarantee? Phone power offers both home and office phone system solutions. The 30-day money-back guarantee enables dissatisfied clients to source for other options.

11. 1-VoIP

Does 1-Voip support call forwarding? 1-VoIP has one of the best internet-based, phone filtering services. It offers residential, customizable, and commercial call solutions. It also has auto-attendant and calls forwarding features.

12. Axvoice

What plans does Axvoice offer? Axvoice is one of the companies that offer free calling for lines within the same network. It has plans for unlimited international and local calls.

13. Voipo

How much is a Voipo Adapter? Its services are designed for small business and home users. It has cheaper calling plans, a free lease of Voipo adapters, and free activation services.

14. MagicJack for Business

How much is MagicJack calls in the US? Whether you are running a small business or in need of residential phone services, Magic Jack has it for you. Both its plans guarantee unlimited calls to both Canada and the US.

15. Circle Loop

Does Circle Loop support video conferencing? Circle Loop offers a hub in which businesses can integrate all apps dedicated to customer service. It has a built-in conference call feature that works without installing any third-party app.

Daily business transactions cannot happen without effective communication with the customers. VoIP is increasingly becoming part of modern corporate communication. It is the proven technology that has enabled calling with just an internet connection. The always forgotten fact about VoIP is that it is fairly old.

The Benefits of the Best VoIP Call Services

Learning just one fact about VoIP is essential for businesses keen on making a profit. Some of the benefits that a business will gain through VoIP solutions such as call services  include lower cost of communication, easy installation and maintenance, simplified conferencing, and most importantly, allows worldwide access.