8×8 to Acquire Fuze

On December 1st, 2021, cloud-based communication firm 8×8 announced its acquisition of another cloud-based firm Fuze. Dave Sipes, the CEO of 8×8 made the announcement saying that the acquisition will help the firm serve its customers better and also increase its partnerships and business VoIP reviews.

The CEO said that the acquisition provided an opportunity for the firm to extend its leadership by accelerating its ability to innovate, broadening its customer base, and increasing its operational scale. Further, the firm said that it is targeting to expand to the global market with its latest acquisition.

8×8’s eXperience Communications as a Service (XCaaS) is one of the leading cloud-based communication platforms. With its acquisition of Fuze, the company is likely to lead the way in migrating the world to cloud-based communication. Keep reading to learn more.

What Does 8×8 Fuze Acquisition Mean?

According to a recent Hanover Research survey, 87% of IT experts in forward-looking organizations say that integrating UC and CC is the future of communication. This, even as studies have shown that only 15% of firms are already using cloud-based solutions today.

In recent times, the migration to cloud-based communications has been accelerating, turning the market into a billion-dollar industry worldwide. 8×8 has already established itself as a leader with its XCaaS and the only Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader also recognized in the CCaaS MQ, making 8×8 a leader in the industry.

8×8 will be able to offer the best cloud-based solutions with both customers and users of the service in mind. The available business VoIP reviews online about 8×8 and Fuze already show that the two are among the leading service providers. The 8×8 reviews on Reddit show that the brand is popular.

What Does Fuze Bring to the Table?

According to 8×8 CEO, Fuze already had a customer base of over 300 enterprises and 40, 000 users. This customer base expands the firm’s reach both in terms of global reach and its ability to provide enterprise solutions under its XCaaS platform.

What is in it for the Customers?

The acquisition of Fuze by 8×8 will accelerate the already advanced XCaaS platform to bring more value to customers, employees, and partners. Most 8×8 VoIP provider reviews indicate enthusiasm among Fuze and 8×8 users.

In assuring Fuze customers, Dave said that the firm will serve both Fuze and 8×8 customers equally. He said that based on business VoIP reviews, the XCaaS platform offers the best services and Fuze customers should be ready to experience the best services.

What is in It for the Partners?

The CEO also said that partners of the company have nothing to worry about since the merger is a show of confidence in the services they offer. He says that the acquisition offers an opportunity for partners to get a chance of new collaborations on new areas of growth that were not available.

The partners will be able to enjoy more collaborations in future 8×8 VoIP tests. According to dave 8×8 reviews, BBB will provide a true reflection of the future and help collaborators learn about the firm.

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