Auto Dialers

Boost Outbound Productivity With Auto Dialer Software


Auto dialer software is an advanced auto-dialing solution that helps to boost outbound productivity. The different types of auto dialers help to auto-dial unlimited numbers from an assigned list, connect a relevant agent with a live call, and leave a pre-recorded message to avoid dropping the customer engagement rate. 

Having auto-dialer software allows the agent to bypass any unproductive calls immediately and connect to a prospect who needs to resolve an urgent query. Further, it broadcasts voicemail and provides customers with a keypad to respond to them instantly, preventing many dropped calls.

The auto dialer software can be subdivided into four different types, predictive, progressive, Robo, and power dialers. Discover the best features and auto-dialers by reading about the top-rated VoIP service providers at UCaaS Review.


Different Types of Auto Dialer Software


There are different types of auto dialer software available that are useful and highly productive for a business. You can choose the best one after analyzing and understanding the fundamental functionality of these dialers. Today’s best auto-dialer software is now available with VoIP providers and business phones.

Let’s take a look at the types of auto dialers available: 


  • Predictive Dialer: Predictive auto dialer helps to dial multiple calls at the same time by predicting the time availability of an agent. Although it dials multiple numbers for an agent, it transfers the calls that are connected. Meanwhile, it also skips any unproductive and unanswered calls. 


  • Power Dialer: The power dialer is a fast auto-dialing solution that offers speed control to the agents so that they can dial the new number with just a click as per their availability and convenience, or they can start the auto-dial mode to dial numbers simultaneously. 


  • Progressive Dialer: The progressive dialer is an additional feature that displays customer data to the agents before they dial. It helps the agent to decide whether to take the call or not depending on their history. 


  • Robo Dialer: To broadcast any pre-recorded voicemail automatically, Robo dialer can help. Without any manual work, the dialer can automatically dial and broadcasts the message to a large audience base. 


Ultimately, the auto-dialer feature offered by only reliable companies is beneficial for a business, especially for a business that receives a high volume of calls. Having everything you need for auto-dialer software comes with your VoIP business phone package, 

Lastly, UCaaS Review offers unbiased reviews to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best auto dialer service provider.