Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution


Only the people working in a call center know the struggle of managing multiple calls at the same time. It becomes difficult to instantly prioritize callers or route customers to a specific agent without having a tool. As a result, it drops the customer engagement rate and hinders a business’s reputation, resulting in lost revenues and future sales.

However, this problem can easily be solved by integrating a reliable ACD system. ACD or also known as automatic call distribution is a telephony system that helps to receive incoming calls and distribute them to an agent in a systematic way. The purpose of ACD is to help call centers manage a huge influx of calls without overwhelming the team members. 


How Does ACD Help A Business?


ACD or automatic call distribution system works and routes phone calls as per the pre-set rules. Generally, it works by matching the callers to an available agent within a short time span. Further, it allows the callers to self-direct the call to ensure callers are getting the required support and high-end ACD systems can also interact with CRM. 

Apart from routing calls, ACD can help a business in the following ways:


  • Efficiently Handle the Calls: When call centers or enterprises receive a huge inflow of calls, it creates a huge workload on the agents, making them exhausted to handle all the calls efficiently. Nevertheless, with automatic call distribution software, there will be no need to manually transfer the calls, reducing a lot of pressure.


  • Real-Time Analytics: If you have chosen the best service providers like Dialpad for ACD, they will offer real-time analytics reports along with the ACD feature. There’s no need to manually put in requests to see how the call center is functioning. Rather, ACD software will provide you with real-time data to help you check everything. 


  • Reduce the Long Wait Times: People aren’t patient in today’s crazy times. Everyone is occupied with some kind of work, leaving them with less time to handle their queries. This is the reason why long wait times can seriously tarnish your business reputation. With ACD, there will be zero wait time as it will route the calls instantly. 


ACD is undoubtedly essential for every business. With so many service providers out there claiming themselves to be the best, it often becomes a difficult task to choose the right provider for a specific business type. This is why UCaaS Review is here to help you to find the right custom solution.