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Best Practices and Tools for VoIP Call Monitoring Performance

While many businesses today are using advanced VoIP call center solutions, several are still stuck in the dark ages with Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). During the introduction of landline telephones, they evolved over the years and became a mainstream technology but nowadays, they are almost becoming obsolete.

Statistics have shown that VoIP call recording and service providers are guaranteed to lower your monthly phone bill by approximately 20-30%. As a business owner, it’s important to make sure customers are happy as well as your workforce. Nothing could be any worse than losing both due to outdated phone systems that can’t keep up.

Keep reading to discover the best practices and tools for VoIP call monitoring performance that gives business owners a competitive edge.

What is VoIP Call Recording?

VoIP call recording works to securely record audio files of phone conversations in the cloud. One of the biggest advantages of VoIP call monitoring is that both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. It eliminates a voice mail message that gets accidentally deleted and you can play it back as many times as you want when you have advanced VoIP call center solutions available at UCaaS Review.

Since VoIP service providers use cloud technology, finding your recorded phone calls is very simple but uses sophisticated methods to back it up.

Call recording for VoIP can be used with the methods below:

VoIP call recording can be used by pressing the “* Key” with a preset number either before or during a phone call. You can also pause your recorded calls this way.

VoIP call centers also utilize a technique called “look back.” This method records the entire conversion regardless if the call recording prompt has started or sent after the call had begun.

VoIP call centers record phone conversations once the call has been activated to all inbound and outbound conversations into voice data files. The most popular format is “WAV,” albeit there are many different formats that can be converted and tagged with the time of the phone call and duration.

The 5 Best Advanced VoIP Call Center Solutions

Advanced VoIP call center solutions include Google Group Chat, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Voice, etc. This call recording for VoIP technology provides telephony services to utilize packet-switched protocols that operate on networks. They also improve the quality of the voice recordings that are transmitted on compatible networks.

As a business owner, you need to have the best practices and tools for the right VoIP call monitoring performance and solutions such as free, open-source, closed-source, and enterprise VoIP.

Here are five of the best practices and tools for VoIP call recording to consider:

1. PRTG Network Monitoring

If you want to excel and improve the performance of your call recording, get a VoIP call monitoring service provider for PRTG network monitoring like the ones at UCaaS Review. They can help you monitor traffic, troubleshoot VoIP errors, packet loss, and minimize latency while improving your call recording features.

Network monitoring provides expert help to detect any defective router and switch operations and improves calls from dropping or crashing. You can also use the traffic analyzer tool to understand the monitor data and load and analyze the outcome.

2. ManageEngine VoIP Monitor

ManageEngine VoIP monitor is an add-on app manager tool designed to monitor VoIP call recording and displays your quality performance analysis. These performance metrics can be used to measure jitter, packet loss, Round Trip Time, and Mean Opinion Score.

Additionally, it also uses Cisco IP SLA from Cisco devices to collect data and integrates the performance of your management functions, and gives you accurate network traffic analysis for an effective VoIP call recording network solution.

3. NetScout VoIP Monitoring

NetScout VoIP monitoring is another tool that comes with your VoIP phone service plan, depending on the features of the provider. It gives you everything you need to monitor your phone calls and recordings with the latest software applications. Advanced VoIP call recording solutions are available at UCaaS Review.

VoIP monitoring tools allow business owners to get the most out of their end-to-end call recordings and lower the resources, time, and effort that most conventional landline phone systems are famous for. Further, you can create a better environment for your customers and employees.

4. ExtraHop VoIP Tool Manager

ExtraHop VoIP tool manager provides users with improved VoIP performance and video monitoring. This VoIP call recording tool is a great solution for lagging, jittering, and dropped calls. It analyzes the compliance for call auditing, traffic, and correlates the traffic, and helps you understand where your calls are originating from.

With easy-to-use buttons and interface, ExtraHop VoIP tools provide call recording information with easy-to-see graphics and make managing your VoIP phone calls much easier and convenient coupled with professional assistance if problems with your VoIP phone should occur, eliminating the need for costly phone repairs by field technicians.

5. Riverbed UCExpert VoIP Monitoring

Riverbed UCExpert is a VoIP monitoring tool for your team members to easily collaborate with customers. It is a VoIP call recording monitoring tool that enhances workplace productivity through effective collaboration and reducing help desk calls while improving the quality of your call recording for VoIP.

You can improve your video and voice collaboration applications, social media, messaging capabilities, and mobile apps that work on remote network VoIP services. With VoIP monitoring tools, you fix user problems, traffic control, and scale your video applications for the best service for your business and customers.

Where to Get Advanced VoIP Call Center Solutions?

Here at UCaaS, we provide the best VoIP service providers with proven track records in the industry combined with expert assistance and VoIP call and recording monitoring. Advanced VoIP call center solutions save the average business owner up to 20-30% of their monthly phone bills.

To see what UCaaS Review can do for you, fill out our contact form for a free quote or call us today for more information and get the best practices and tools for VoIP call monitoring performance.