Blended Call Center Software

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What is Blended Call Center Software?

Generally, a few call centers specialize in inbound calling while others in outbound calling. However, a blended call center software is designed to handle both outbound and inbound calls using the same call center agents and unified contact center software. If done right, call blending can uncover new efficiencies for businesses. 

For call centers that are looking forward to optimizing both their outbound and inbound operations, blended call center software offers a perfect solution to them. Using high-end technology, a blended dialer is designed to automatically connect agents with both outbound and inbound calls. 

Some of the benefits of having blended call center software with VoIP services available at UCaaS Review include:

  • Better communications between callers and agents, making VoIP technology an asset for companies sending and receiving a high number of calls.
  • IVR systems can be implemented into blended call center software, directing your callers to the right department and answering basic inquiries.
  • Call recording and additional VoIP features can improve your business communications with video conferencing and webinars.
  • VoIP business phones provide remote access which can make your business more flexible and allow your employees to gain access to your company’s phone system from home or working remotely.

There are many advantages of having a well-thought-out VoIP phone system for your business regardless of size from small to large, you can experience the differences of having cloud-based technology as opposed to traditional phone service for call center applications. In the end, most businesses prefer blended call center software with VoIP.

What Are the Benefits of Blended Call Center Software?

The most evident benefit of blended call center software is that it increases productivity and efficiency among call center agents especially when a user-friendly interface is provided to them for handling inbound and outbound calls. However, there are plenty of other benefits as well. They include: 

Get Real-Time Call Monitoring

The problem with checking key performance indicators and their related data after the call is finished is that it only shows you what exactly has been done and what changes can be applied going forward but it never lets you address issues when they occur. Nevertheless, blended call center software helps you with real-time call monitoring. This means you can pair real-time call analysis with previous or historic data to address issues when they occur. It enables businesses to interact immediately with their agents and empowers them with the proper information required for on-the-spot decision-making.

Improved Customer Service

Integrating a blended call center software with an interactive voice response or IVR can instantly help businesses to route calls to a skilled agent. This provides a standard resolution that could help to reduce the call time during all the peak hours. Further, a blended dialer can also enable agents to view customer information as they call. Such easier access to relevant data can not only help to resolve customer queries quicker but also enables management to audit their service agents whenever required. Moreover, it leads to improved customer service for your call center business.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

For a call center's success, your agent’s efficiency plays one of the most crucial roles. Therefore, providing your call center agents with the ability to make a seamless switch between outbound and inbound duties is certainly a huge boost. Your agents can easily adjust based on the call priorities and customer requirements. A blended dialer helps to automatically adjust the outbound dialing rate depending on the priority placed on your inbound calls. Further, it minimizes idle time and offers call center agents opportunities and time to interact with prospects and close more sales.

How to Find the Best Blended Call Center Software?

Well, it’s certain that blended call center software offers plenty of advantages and contributes to the success of your call center. However, finding the best software is pretty challenging. This is why UCaaS Review is here to provide you with the most unbiased and in-depth comparison of different service providers to make a decision.

We provide the top-rated VoIP service providers that offer a wide range of features that come standard with their VoIP services and additional pricing information is also available by taking a few minutes to read our VoIP reviews for the best providers to select for blended call center software and more.



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