Blocking Spam Calls to Your Business: How to Do it Effectively

Blocking Spam Calls to Your Business: How to Do it Effectively 

As a business that receives a high volume of phone calls from customers, vendors, and other business-related affiliations, there’s nothing worse than answering a spam call that has nothing to do with your business. Even if the call only takes one minute of your employee’s time, it’s time wasted on real customers and clients needing assistance.

The best business VoIP providers can prevent your employees from daydreaming about some great Caribean Cruise package or some other types of solicitation that come from typical spam callers. This is a very similar scenario in most business environments as the adaption of the internet has made spam calls super annoying.

If you’re tired of getting shelled with a wide variety of phone calls that have nothing to do with your business and you want to block spam calls while doing it effectively, keep reading how VoIP business solutions can stop spam calls from occurring to your business.

What Are Spam Calls?

Any type of unwanted call that comes into your phone lines can be considered spam calls. Not only do these spam calls interrupt employees’ work but they also can lead to financial damages in the worst cases. These calls can be grouped into a few categories such as robocalls, cold calls, and scam calls.

Here is the type of spam calls a business can face:


Robocall is an automated telephone call that when answered, starts to play a pre-recorded message either illegally or legally. These calls can contain informational or promotional messages from charities or political parties. However, in most cases, scammers simply make robocalls to steal financial or personal information.

Robocalls are made using an autodialer, using an artificial or robotic voice. Since the technology of phone systems is improving, making robotic calls has become much cheaper and easier. This is the primary reason why this practice is running rampant but a few business phone solutions can prevent such calls from hindering you.


Cold Calls

Cold calls or telemarketing calls are from businesses that want to sell a service or product to their target customer. However, due to a lack of precision in targeting customers, these offers become unsolicited to most people. Hence, cold calls can sometimes be a nuisance for business employees who’re busy doing their critical work.


Scam Calls

Scam calls are typically made by real callers but they often misrepresent their organization to scam people. They can steal personal identity, money, or sometimes both. There are a lot of examples in the past where scam calls resulted in fraudulent payments. This is why businesses should take all the prevention to block fake calls.

Previously, it was a bit difficult for businesses to block these type of unwanted calls but with the best business VoIP providers that allows you to set up a filter to detect spam calls, the process of blocking spam calls has become simpler.


4 Best Practices to Prevent Spam Calls at Your Business

Scammers can use the entire internet to make calls from anywhere around the world. This is why it’s important to follow the best practices to block spam calls for your business. However, these practices also depend on the type of phone you use. It could be cell phones, traditional landlines, or VoIP phone systems.

Here are the four best practices to prevent spam calls:


  1. Download an App

There are a lot of free and paid spam call blocking apps available for both Android and Apple users. A spam call blocking app acts as a filter. Generally, these companies offer spam call-blocking apps as their best business phone solutions. It uses a database containing reports and data from users to predict whether these calls are scams or not.

When the user gets a call from the same number present in those databases, the app intercepts the call before reaching you. With the call blocking apps, you can choose whether the call should be stopped or ring silently. Some apps even offer advanced blocking features such as reporting to FTC and geographic location blocking.


  1. DNC Registry is Still Here

DNC or “do not call” is still around even in today’s time and it works for some people to get rid of pesky calls. FCC created this list to help prevent telemarketers and solicitors from calling your business. Filing a complaint with FCC may help alleviate the number of unwanted calls one receives but it won’t be permanently stopped.


  1. Block a Phone Number

Most business phone solutions offer phone number blocking features to avoid spam calls. Using this feature, you can block a specific number that you tend to receive calls over and over. While this looks like an easy way out, it can’t be an effective solution for robodialers as they’re spoofing your numbers

Since a spoofed number isn’t the real number, blocking these random ones won’t help as scammers will continue spamming with different spoofed numbers. Further, the number blocking feature can be a go-to solution in the short term. This also works well for sales calls and telemarketers who don’t mask their numbers.


  1. Look for Specific Service for Blocking

Some of the best business VoIP providers offer specific call blocking services. For this, you must know whether you use VoIP business solutions or not. The chances of using VoIP services become higher if you use a phone service through cable companies. Still, if you’re not sure about a service provider, there’s always room to ask.

Along with offering cloud phones, automated answering, virtual receptionist, and other unique features, some VoIP service providers also offer phone apps or internet-based services to block spam calls. You can either stop these unwanted calls, make them ring silently, or create a spam folder to put these numbers on that list.

In fact, some VoIP phone systems can restrict unwanted international calls to help you avoid unwanted charges. Some systems can even restrict calls based on the cost. Still, you must choose an ideal VoIP service provider that offers proper business phone solutions to yield most of its benefits.


What Happens When You Don’t Block Spam Calls?

Even with the availability of the best business phone solutions, sometimes people ignore the best practices for blocking spam calls and end up suffering. It’s important to remember that blocking spam calls isn’t only necessary for your employees to have time to focus on their critical work but also for your business to prevent tracking data.

If your business hasn’t taken any measurement against fake calls, it may affect your overall call tracking data. In case, any ad tracking phone number is getting bombarded with spam calls, this will skew your call tracking data and destroy your promotional activities.

Also, if you’re not blocking spam calls, it makes your business vulnerable to fraudulent activities. It may even lead to huge financial losses that may impact your overall business growth. With the best business VoIP providers, there’s no need to manually control nuisance calls, you can simply use a specific service to block unwanted calls.


Utilizing the Best Business VoIP Providers

Now, it’s pretty clear that spam calls are annoying and it can be disruptive to any business operation. This is why some of the best business VoIP providers are working to not only offer cloud phones and auto attendant features but also to help businesses prevent these unwanted calls.

However, it can be confusing for people to choose an ideal provider with so many out there. This is where UCaaS Review is here to help. You can make your own decision to get the best business phone solutions by reading our in-depth and unbiased reviews of different VoIP providers. Get a quote now to discover more of our VoIP reviews.

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