Call Monitoring & Recording

VoIP Call Monitoring & Recording Features

VoIP call monitoring is a feature of a company’s overall call management plan. It essentially involves calls recording and listening to the conversation spoken over a phone call and then improving the speech to better interact with customers. It’s a uniquely secure and reliable method for recording two-way audio of a telephone conversation established in the cloud. 


Recording phone calls, even in this technologically advanced era is a bit of a struggle, especially without the right tools. However, with a cloud phone system like VoIP, call recording can be effortlessly turned on at an individual as well as an enterprise level. Further, it helps enterprises and individuals to maintain accountability in regard to verbal commitments. 


Therefore, from top-tier call centers to small business set-ups, everyone is now realizing and utilizing the strength of VoIP call recording features. Call recording features not only enable businesses to recall the important details spoken through a fast-paced conversation but also provide a reasonable solution to train people based on the present conversation skill. 


Other Highlights of VoIP Call Monitoring


Some of the advanced VoIP service providers offer unique features within the call monitoring sector apart from call recording. This will further help to improve the overall performance of a call center and significantly increase the customer engagement rate. Read about everything you need to know about VoIP call monitoring at UCaaS Review.


Some of the highlighted features of call monitoring include:


  • Call Whisper: It’s a useful call monitoring feature that provides instruction to the live agent during the phone call without even interrupting their ongoing conversation. In this case, only the agent will know that there’s another person providing him with the instruction. Meaning, it could be a great way to coach without hindering their work. 
  • Call Barging: Another unique and helpful feature offered by VoIP call monitoring is call barging. In some cases, when the live agent can’t resolve a customer’s query, the supervisor can step in on the call. This removes the time taken during call forwarding and helps to improve a customer’s experience during the call.
  • Call Recording: This is a great feature for companies that receive a heavy incoming call volume as it saves all of your important phone calls that come in and it also saves the voice mail messages your customer leave and stores it securely on the cloud.


Nevertheless, these features are only offered by some of the top-tier VoIP service providers. This is why UCaaS Review is here to help you guide and make an informed decision while choosing your VoIP service provider.