Call Routing

Business Call Routing 


When businesses get a lot of inbound calls, it’s essential to have a phone system that features call routing. It’s also a part of call management features that distributes incoming calls automatically according to the pre-set criteria. Having business call routing is easy when you have a VoIP service provider available at UCaaS Review.

The benefits of call routing are endless, especially when operating a small business and there is less staff available, this can be a lifesaver. In a traditional phone system, this task needs to be done manually because there was always a person responsible for directing the calls to the right department, leaving some customers to drop calls. 

However, this would take an entire day, especially if there was a huge influx of inbound calls. Nowadays, all VoIP service providers offer call routing features along with other essential things to manage everything seamlessly. Get whatever you need at UCaaS Review and compare apples to oranges with our wide range of VoIP service providers.


Importance of Choosing a Reliable Service Provider


There are a lot of VoIP service providers out there who’re offering call routing features but not all of them are reliable. This is why it’s important to choose the best VoIP service provider that provides call routing along with other essential features that will increase the efficiency of the entire call center or business enterprise. 


The best service providers will provide you with the following features: 


  • First of all, a reliable VoIP service provider will offer you a user-friendly interface to make things easier. Starting from call routing to porting numbers, everything can be done without facing any obstruction. 
  • The calls can be routed as per a fixed order or the skill level of the employees. Along with calls, voicemails and other communication channels can also be routed depending on the setup. 
  • You can record or upload any custom greetings to help the callers route calls by themselves to the right department and make your caller’s experience more pleasant, leaving them with a good impression and using your company or services again.  
  • It enables you to set call routing rules for multiple departments once you have set the business hours for them. You can also have a scheduled time set up for when you will return their call or voicemail messages.


As you can see from the list above, UCaaS Review is here to help you choose the best service provider that not only offers call routing but also other essential features to help you grow seamlessly. We provide the best and most comprehensive VoIP reviews and have instant access to their features and benefits.