Caller ID

Get a Business Phone With Caller ID


There’s a whopping number of businesses that lose their potential customers as they often decline a call because they don’t know who’s calling. It’s also impossible for a business owner to expose their personal numbers that display the required information. 

This is why it’s important to use the customizable caller ID feature offered by modern business phone systems. It allows you to make business calls even from your personal number without revealing personal details. 

Caller ID features showcase the details of your company along with other important information. Further, customers will be able to know that these calls are not Robo or scam calls and as a result, it spikes up the call answer rate for a business enterprise. 


How Does the Caller ID Feature Work?


The VoIP service providers allow users to change their caller ID to include business names and phone numbers before anyone places an outgoing call. This helps customers to know the business name, and contact details along with the local area from where they’re making the call. 

It also showcases more authenticity about your business, allowing customers to trust your products and services as well as the quality of your customer service department. Having caller ID features coupled with the best VoIP technology can take your business or enterprise to the next level.


The caller ID features of a reliable VoIP service provider can benefit in the following ways:


  • You can juggle multiple phone numbers with just a click. In fact, caller ID displays can be blocked for one-off calls and better phone call records management. 
  • You can add new users and port numbers, and manage your VoIP phone numbers easily within just a minute using the admin dashboard. 
  • Make outbound calls both from desktop and mobile applications with caller ID and enable remote access for your employees across all wireless devices and PCs.
  • Keep all of your contacts and important clients records and call data safe and secure with VoIP management tools. Since caller ID features are available on VoIP business phones, getting started is as easy as selecting a VoIP service provider. 


Ultimately, it’s crucial to choose a reputable and trustworthy VoIP service provider to utilize the features of caller ID. With popular providers like Dialpad or Ringcentral, not only do you get a business phone system but also an entire communication platform with it. You can read all you need to know about caller ID and VoIP at UCaaS Review.