VoIP Call tracing

Can You Trace a VoIP Call?

When it comes to tracing a VoIP call, all VoIP phone numbers can be traced; however, it all depends on the access you have to the system. If you only have access to the phone, tracing a VoIP call is very difficult due to today’s router and servers that do not use media flow to display the origins of the RTP stream.

However, according to business VoIP phone service reviews, if you have server access and the call is IP only, then it can be viewed in the CDR or Logs, and you can see where the phone call came from. For TDM calls and via an SS7/Landline, ask the upstream provider or search on the logos.

To learn more about an upgrade to a cloud phone technology to trace a VoIP and the benefits of having VoIP phones systems running your business, keep reading.

Are Cloud VoIP Calls Traceable?

retractable VoIP call Since a VoIP call is retractable, they must have an IP address from all points of origins, allowing the information to be routed. All IP addresses are retractable; therefore, there are many reasons why someone would want to trace a cloud phone number with concerns about suspicious activity being the biggest reason.

Some of the reasons to upgrade to a cloud phone technology include:

  • VoIP phone systems and numbers are fairly safe from surveillance because they are made from the internet and not traditional landlines known as legacy systems.
  • When you place a VoIP phone call to another VoIP number, your voice is generated into data packets that get sent over the internet until the destination is reached.
  • Much like a legacy phone system that utilizes analog signals to make and receive phone calls, these signals can be hard to crack and decode.
  • A cloud VoIP phone is more secure than traditional landlines due to mobile communications that use the internet access, making them ideal for businesses.

Please note, albeit the IP address can be pinpointed for each assigned user when tracing a VoIP call, getting the physical location isn’t always that easy.

Is a Cloud VoIP Private and Secure?

For any business or private caller, call quality is just as paramount as the privacy and security of a phone call. Therefore, according to the best business VoIP phone service reviews, having hosted VoIP phone systems eliminates online risks, protects your business, and the privacy and security of your business.

When you upgrade to a cloud phone technology, your VoIP personal business data and phone numbers are kept confidential. Since a cloud phone number is traceable, they are often used for major corporations and enterprises as well as in the healthcare industry and are private and secure.

Can I Find Out Who Called Me on a VoIP Phone Number?

VoIP cloud phones Many businesses today are using VoIP cloud phones to make communications easier by offering a wide range of features such as video conferencing, text messages, call recording, call forwarding, and remote access as well as extra line extensions. VoIP meetings and video conferencing is how many operate their communications today.

When you upgrade to a cloud phone technology, the software applications can help track down an unknown or restricted phone number when VoIP calls are made. Therefore, with a cloud VoIP phone service provider like the ones on UCaaS Reviews, you can find out who called you even from restricted and unknown phone numbers.

Here are some ways to trace a VoIP phone number to the owner:

Using Cloud VoIP Phone Software

Depending on how you’re connected via proxy or server, you can try using a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) hardphone or softphone. For softphones install any number of packet analyzers like Wireshark on your smart things and insert a SIP filter. From there you can press the FROM field and get the IP details of the caller.

For hard phones, install the Wireshark packet analyzer to a local router or server, and filter for hard phone IP and SIP. Then download a secure SHELL client and run a trace command to the identity of the cat.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

reverse phone number lookup The reverse phone number lookup method uses several online apps for tracing a VoIP call to the registered owner to the phone caller. There are many cloud phone VoIP reverse phone number apps available online and other platforms such as Google Play Services.

While these methods assist the detective, they don’t always work without paying a fee as most of the apps that work cost money to use their services. However, there are some cases where you can get lucky.

Set Your Devices to Display the Caller ID

When you upgrade to a cloud phone technology, tracking down a VoIP number is easy when you have the owner’s original number. This gives you the caller ID and number to use and the CNAM which is the caller ID name. Websites like callerID.com helps assist you with the best ways to configure your device to find the caller ID name.

External questions are used by the database to reveal the name and number but are system related and point to a programming question whether it’s a JSON or Ajax, sending the information back providing it’s in the server’s database.

Additionally, with the above methods of tracing a VoIP call, you can try using the domain address as all incoming calls are logged onto your phone. The mapping number or VoIP address can help you trace an unknown caller.

How to Upgrade to a Cloud Phone Technology Service Provider?

VoIP provider The answer to that is simple, read the best business VoIP phone service reviews here on UCaaS Reviews to find the best VOIP service provider that works for your business and meets your demands. We offer a wide range of the best VoIP phone systems for small business to enterprise VoIP.

For more information about using VoIP phones to trace calls or get to make the switch from traditional legacy systems to the more economical cloud VoIP Phone system with enhanced features, call us today or click here to fill out a free quote.