Cloud-Based Phone Systems: A Guide

The term cloud computing is currently being used by virtually every tech expert out there. Those in the business world are constantly being told to migrate to cloud-based technology. More specifically, there is a rush to migrate businesses from landline to cloud-based. But what exactly does it mean?

Cloud-based phone systems simply facilitate communication over the internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication technology that allows users of cloud-based systems to make and receive calls across borders over the internet. The best cloud-based phone system is cheaper than traditional options.

Since there are so many VoIP business phone system solutions out there, it is important for business owners to learn about them first. Keep reading this guide to learn more about available cloud-based phone systems and how they work.

What is a Cloud-Based VoIP Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system is one that provides voice phone services over internet protocol. This type of phone system deviates from the traditional way of making phone calls which relied on physical infrastructure. With a cloud-based VoIP business phone system, there is no need for physical infrastructure.

If a business intends to invest in a cloud-based phone system, there is no need to purchase heavy infrastructure that was needed during the landline ages. Basic desktops, available in all institutions can be utilized. The only investment might be a boost to the available internet speed if it is below the recommended bandwidth.

Here are some reasons to move to a cloud-based phone system:

Scalability and Lower Cost

The first reason why it is reasonable and fashionable to move to cloud phone systems is the cost of scaling. Most businesses have to invest heavily in infrastructure to scale their communication. Within the VoIP business phone system, it is possible to scale without buying new infrastructure.

The cloud-based phone system offers access to all features, except that the user has the freedom to only pay for the features they want. In case a business decides to scale up, the process is as simple as calling the VoIP business phone system service provider and requesting additional features.

Phasing Out Old Technology

The other reason businesses are moving to cloud-based phone systems is to phase out old technology. Old technology can be limiting in many ways. When dealing with business competitors, you must always be a step ahead. The cloud-based phone system provides new features that competitors are already using.

If a brand chooses to stick to old technology, it can be costly in many ways. Modern tech offers cloud-based phone systems for call centers that can be utilized by businesses. Although cloud-based phone system vs VoIP comparisons has been drawn, there is a thin line between VoIP and other cloud voice options.

Work From Anywhere

The other reason why cloud-based communications are loved is that they promote remote working. Remote access to the internet allows users of cloud-based systems to enjoy unlimited access to communication channels. A cloud-based phone system makes it possible to receive and send calls from anywhere.

VoIP business phone system makes it possible to receive calls from anywhere in the world. With VoIP business solutions, there are mobile-based apps that allow call making from everywhere in the world.

Unified Communications

The other beauty of VoIP is that it can be integrated with other cloud-based solutions. Unified communications solutions UCaaS is a combination of voice and other media transfer over the internet. This approach involves the transfer of images, video, and other media.

Cloud-based phone systems for small businesses can utilize unified communications solutions to enhance sending and receiving of other types of media. These types of media make it possible to use video calls and text messaging for the cloud-based phone system.

Discover a Professional Cloud-Based Phone System Today

For businesses looking to improve communication by implementing cloud-based solutions, there are many ways of making it happen. One of the ways is hiring the services of a reliable cloud-based phone system company. The problem is finding a reliable cloud-based phone system service provider.

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