Complete Guide to Porting a VoIP Number

For any business that is considering moving to a new location or is just fed up with their current telephone service, wants to keep their phone number, and either change phone service providers or drop the one they have, porting VoIP phone numbers is how most business owners keep their same phone number without losing customers or clients.

VoIP numbers are internet-based and operate on the cloud whereas traditional phone line work on copper wires and require wired connections. Since VoIP business phones work over the internet, this modern VoIP technology also allows users to chat, text messages, and video conferencing and facilitates many other call features.

Keep reading to discover how to port business phone numbers, the benefits of VoIP, and how easy it is to keep your existing business phone number by porting it.


Benefits of Porting Business Phone Numbers

If you want to learn how to port business phone numbers, this complete guide brought to you by UCaaS Review is sure to provide you with everything you need to know about porting VoIP numbers. VoIP phone numbers are assigned telephone numbers to a user or business when they sign up for VoIP services.

Here are some of the ways VoIP numbers work and their benefits:


  • VoIP Numbers: These are nothing more than a string of preset digits that the user enters on a keypad to place a call, much like a traditional landline telephone. However, they are much different because they place calls from internet devices such as tablets, desktops, smartphones, and VoIP phones.
  • Cloud Technology: VoIP numbers work with cloud technology that uses the internet to make and receive phone calls whereas traditional phone lines send and receive calls through a series of connected copper wires. VoIP business phones with cloud technology allow users a wide range of calling features and safe storage.
  • Remote Access: One of the biggest perks of having a VoIP phone system is the ability to have remote access for your workforce working remotely. Since VoIP uses the internet when power outages occur, remote workers and staff can still gain access to your company’s database and conduct work without losing time from a power outage.


As you can see, there are many benefits to porting VoIP numbers and using them exclusively for all of your business endeavors. UCaaS Review has the best VoIP providers that make porting VoIP phone numbers as easy as getting started today and keeping your existing business phone number.


How to Port Business Phone Numbers

Whether you want to port your business phone number or get a VoIP phone number, the first thing you have to do is to get signed up with a VoIP service provider at UCaaS Review. After you sign up, you can be issued a VoIP phone number or have your existing business phone number ported and saved just for your company.

Broadly speaking, depending on the type of VoIP service and the number of lines you may need for your business, can also reflect the cost per month. Therefore, it’s important to compare services and prices for each provider; however, when comparing bananas to watermelons, VoIP service is more affordable than traditional phone service.

With ported VoIP phone numbers, customers and employees can enjoy having access to more functionalities and features while having a cost-effective business communication solution and service. Since VoIP offers more features and benefits than POTS or “plain old telephone service,” it’s important to understand these differences.

Some of the ways and which a ported VoIP phone number can be utilized and be an advantage over standard landline telephone service are as follows:


  • Easy Number Portability: One of the best things about VoIP service is how easily you can port your existing phone numbers. What this means to users is they can use their VoIP phone numbers regardless of any changes in phone service or location.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: When you have VoIP business phones with VoIP technology, it allows multiple users to have access across multiple devices via one virtual toll-free number.
  • Area Code Choices: Businesses can easily change an area code for their VoIP phone number, regardless of where their home base is located, and still retain all of their customers and clients.
  • Add Multiple Devices: If you’re like most companies today, you have a wide range of devices in your office and place of business. VoIP allows you to connect and add multiple devices by using a single virtual number.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: When compared to POTS, VoIP phone plans are more cost-effective and come with many extra features due to the unlimited storage the cloud provides.
  • High Business Flexibility: By porting VoIP numbers, business owners can add a multitude of connections to their VoIP phone system, adding high business flexibility.
  • Easy Accessibility: Since VoIP numbers work solely on the intranet, it doesn’t depend on location or distance to make and receive calls, making easy accessibility no matter where you or your callers are located.
  • Superior Voice Quality: When you have a stable and robust internet connection with interstellar bandwidth, you and your callers can enjoy superior voice quality much like a traditional telephone.


While there are many obvious benefits to VoIP phone numbers, many more await the new users and business owners who haven’t made the switch as of yet, However, porting your phone number to VoIP phone service is as easy as selecting one at UCaaS Review.


How to Port Business Phone Numbers With VoIP

The best way to port a business phone number is to sign up with a VoIP service provider at UCaaS Review. We have a comprehensive list of the top-rated VoIP providers currently in service today with a myriad of information about each one and easy access to the subscription process and our customer service department.

You can easily port your existing business phone number and reap the benefits of having an advanced phone system for your business that avoids many drop calls and customer queries by utilizing IVR software and advanced cloud technology. For more information call UCaaS Review right now, or click here to request a quote.

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