Contact Center vs Call Center

UCaaS Review and our exclusive VoIP services offer detailed insights on each customer communication channel and VoIP vendor that provides a contact center or call center features with their VoIP service plans.

Contact Center vs Call Center

Irrespective of the industry you operate in, taking care of customer service is crucial to your business’s success. When you offer unmatched customer support and retain existing customers, attracting new ones becomes more effortless. For this work to be done at its best, most companies rely on either a contact or a call center.

While both have the same primary function, they are not the same. If you’re a business owner planning to incorporate the best customer support in your business processes, you can choose between a contact center and a call center. One of the best ways to do this is to read a variety of VoIP service providers’ reviews.

UCaaS Review and our exclusive VoIP services offer detailed insights on each customer communication channel and VoIP vendor that provides a contact center or call center features with their VoIP service plans. To learn more about the differences between the two, we should take a better look at both. 

What is a Contact Center?

A central point of an organization, a contact center is somewhat similar to a traditional call center yet different. It helps businesses manage customer contacts by implementing sophisticated contact center technology. However, what makes this communication approach desirable is the ease of use, and comes with many extra features. This high-end technology makes it easier for customers to be routed to available support agents through different communication channels, like text, email, live chat, social media, and voice. Simply put, a contact center helps businesses deliver omnichannel support while a traditional call center only offers voice call support. If you’re using it, your agents can offer and manage omnichannel support through a single interface. Since the market offers plenty of contact center solutions, you can find the perfect solution aligning with your needs. Real-time omnichannel communication can improve customer experience, giving them a reason to stick to your business.

What Exactly is a Call Center?

One of the oldest communication channels used by businesses, a call center helps manage inbound and outbound customer calls. The only drawback of a traditional call center is that its agents can only assist customers through voice calls. Most businesses don’t have an in-house customer support team, so they simply outsource this operation. In this setup, each agent can only take calls by logging into his assigned account. While an agent efficiently handles customer calls and answers their queries, they cannot provide the same support through different communication channels. If businesses require telephone handling, then only the cost of using a call center becomes cheaper.

Difference Between Contact Center & Call Center

In terms of scope of service, a contact center is better since it provides omnichannel support while a call center only looks after voice call requests. Call centers use IVR systems and ACD software to run their operations, whereas contact centers use a more sophisticated technology stack to run and manage their business phone calls. 

Since call center agents focus on resolving customer issues faster, contact center agents are better trained to initiate conversations and keep the callers engaged in building long-term relationships. If you want more trained and specialized agents to handle customers, a contact center agent will do better than a call center agent. 

A traditional call center is preferred more by telemarketing firms, retail companies, and non-profits. Typically, a contact center is preferred by eCommerce players, healthcare providers, and service-based businesses. For more detailed information, here at UCaaS Review, we offer unbiased insights that further help customers make the best decision.

Pick the Communication Solution Based on Your Requirement

Both the contact center software and call center solutions have pros and cons, so it is up to business owners to pick the right solution for their business. If you’re confused between the two, you can explore detailed reviews of different contact and call centers published on our site UCaaS Review to make an informed decision.

Many times it comes down to the number of employees you have, phone lines needed, and the amount of incoming and outgoing calls your business receives and handles to determine what VoIP package will work the best for a call center or a contact center. Regardless of the situation, UCaaS Review has the best VoIP reviews on providers.

We have been providing detailed and unbiased insights on different ranges of communication software to help you make informed choices. To know more about our reviews and other details pertaining to contact centers versus call centers, reach out today and find the answers you need.



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