Conversational IVR: The Next Step for IVR Systems

IVR or also known as interactive voice response is basically an automated technological system that helps to interact with the callers through the utilization of voice prompts. The ultimate goal of IVR technology is to precisely route all incoming calls to an appropriate customer care agent so that the caller receives the best support.

Since the traditional IVR system doesn’t have the power of machine learning capabilities, it resulted in increasing the downtime for callers which further resulted in frustration. This is the reason why conversational IVR technology was introduced along with IVR cloud phones, eliminating angry callers from dropping off.

With a conversational IVR system, customers can have a human-like interaction and resolve issues much faster than with a traditional one. Let’s keep reading to know exactly what is standard vs conversational IVR.


What is Standard vs Conversational IVR?


Traditional or also known as the standard IVR system was designed to route incoming calls much faster but since it didn’t provide an enriched experience for users, it led to frustration and negative experiences for many. However, customer experience is something in business that should never be neglected and made a top priority.

This is the reason why today’s best VoIP service providers came up with a conversational IVR solution that was aimed at providing a positive user experience for all customers. Since conversational IVR uses AI along with natural language processing technology to understand customers’ intent, it responds with very relevant information.

Further, it helps to resolve customer queries pretty efficiently and quickly without them having to browse through various menu options. Therefore, there’s a clear difference between standard vs conversational IVR. Businesses using VoIP with IVR technology, especially conversational IVR technology can yield a lot of benefits in the long run.


Reasons You Should Integrate With Conversational IVR


Conversational IVR offers personalized customer interaction exactly like any human conversation. Also, the technology can improve itself by learning and unlearning new behaviors of any customers, allowing you to reduce customer frustration and offer a more welcoming interaction from now on with the use of conversational IVR.

There are various reasons why businesses are integrating VoIP business phones to yield the advantage of conversational IVR. Overall, the impact of this technology both on customers and businesses can be pretty significant. Businesses can precisely reduce costs while improving customer service processes.

Having a solid VoIP phone service provider that offers IVR technology can help promote your business and reduce the number of dropped calls due to long wait times and being routed to several departments before the callers get their needs or questions answered. UCaaS Review provides the best VoIP service providers with IVR systems.

The top five reasons behind integrating VoIP with IVR technology include:


Reason #1: Reduce the Call Volume


Using conversational IVR, you can instantly free up agents as the technology handles all the simple to complex queries. This will further reduce the number of call volumes that customer care agents deal with on a daily basis. It will enhance their workplace productivity as they will be able to focus on other critical work.

Reducing the call volume is critical for businesses that experience a large number of phone calls. Having conversational IVR allows companies to implement a new way to effectively handle a high number of calls.


Reason #2: Enrich Customer Experience


According to the best IVR system reviews, conversational IVR technology was designed while keeping the user experience in mind. Meaning, it has the potential to create a positive experience for customers by providing them with human-like interaction, an intuitive interface, and accurate responses within a shorter span of time.

UCaaS Review offers the best information on a wide range of VoIP service providers and can open doors for your business that you thought were shut.


Reason #3: Cost Savings for Businesses


Saving costs while improving ROI is the primary and key rule that determines a business’s success. Therefore, cost-saving plays a critical role in every business operation. This is why the reputed VoIP service providers present you with conversational IVR technology to automate routine tasks without human agents.

Unlike traditional landline telephone service with expensive monthly bills that come with all kinds of surprises for extra usage and long-distance communications, VoIP technology offers businesses fixed flat monthly rates without the extra surcharges that can quickly make using the phone for business matters, a serious problem.


Reason #4: Improved Call Efficiency


Another reason behind integrating with conversational IVR technology is that it improves overall call efficiency. There is various research that proves that integrating conversational IVR businesses could significantly reduce the average handle time and increase the ASA or also known as the average speed to answer.

When it comes to keeping a customer, your response time matters because they will not wait on you to answer their questions, especially if they want to buy a product or service you have. Moreover, it is critical to answering your customer’s call as fast as possible.


Reason #5: Collect Accurate Data


For businesses that want to collect accurate data on every customer interaction, conversational IVR makes that process seamless. Meaning, you can now identify the mistakes, improve your system, and make better decisions based on accurate customer data as opposed to having no analytical data to support your business records.

You can save your voicemail and text messages as well as see other important details such as the duration of the call and when it was placed with a time stamp. Having VoIP technology with conversational IVR helps to make this process possible.

Ultimately, conversational IVR is certainly a cutting-edge technology, offering multiple benefits to businesses including improved call efficiency and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, make sure you choose an ideal VoIP service provider to help you integrate this technology at an affordable rate to gain its advantages.


Where to Read the Best IVR System Reviews?


In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses need to focus on creating effective, efficient, and quick customer service to serve their clients. Conversational IVR is the best way to achieve it without increasing the cost. This innovative technology can make it extremely easier for your customers to get what they need in an instant.

However, not every VoIP service provider that offers this technology can be ideal for your business. This is where UCaaS Review is here to provide you with the best IVR system reviews to help you make an informed decision. To know more about our reviews and how you should choose a service provider, click here.