Enterprise VoIP Top Features for 2022

Enterprise VoIP communication solutions offer a unified approach to communication. Traditionally, communication solutions were divided into voice, text, and email among others. These features can now be accessed on one platform with investing in Enterprise Unified Communications.

Top features of VoIP services such as call scheduling, recording, forwarding, and others still play a key role under the enterprise VoIP solution. The best VoIP service provider must think above traditional voice calls and integrate features that make working seamless. This is where the enterprise voice comes into the picture.

With so many features popping up day and night businesses may even fail to understand what VoIP is about in the near future. Keep reading to learn more about the modern enterprise VoIP features and how they can help businesses grow.

What is Enterprise VoIP?

Enterprise VoIP communications is a Voice over Internet communication solution designed to meet the needs of large organizations. Although enterprise VoIP is different from Unified Communication Solutions UCaaS, it offers many features that are similar. With enterprise VoIP, businesses have full control over communication.

The best part about Enterprise Unified Communications, it is not as cost; a traditional call center solution. This is a communication approach that delivers the best VoIP for small businesses but at an affordable cost. Over the years, VoIP for business has been evolving, leading to the advancement in features.

Below are some of the best enterprise VoIP features for 2022:

Voicemail to Email Transcription

One of the emerging top features for enterprise VoIP users is the ability to transcribe voice calls into the test. With the best enterprise VoIP providers, businesses can request to have a voice transcription feature added to their pack. With this feature, it is very possible to capture all calls in email.

Users also have the option of choosing what to do with the transcribed text. In most cases, a user can choose to have the text sent to a preferred email. If the user chooses to have the email sent to a personal email after the recording, they can have access to all calls being managed by call agents.

Music on Hold

Big brands show professionalism by entertaining their customers with music when calls are on hold. Further, call-on-hold features can be used to advertise new products and features. Businesses use this feature to make announcements in case there are new products coming to the market.

Working with professional enterprise VoIP providers gives businesses room to grow and cut down on the cost of advertising. When customers get to learn about new products and features through music on hold features, it is possible to reduce the amount used to publicize such features.

Do Not Disturb

Just like residential VoIP providers, enterprise VoIP offers some features that can be used to customize when to receive calls and when not to. For instance, during an important staff meeting, all incoming calls can be stopped by using the do not disturb feature. This is a feature that determines when to receive calls.

The beauty of modern enterprise VoIP providers is that they also offer solutions for where to redirect calls in case the receiver is busy. If a person opts to use the do not disturb feature, they can also use call forwarding features, that may redirect the same call to another person or to a voicemail.

This feature may also be utilized by different call center agents at the communications department. It can be frustrating to have callers wait in line for too long when agents are busy. Using the do not disturb feature may help to redirect them all to the next available agent.

Call Screening

Screening calls simply refers to the ability to filter calls and pick the ones that are most urgent or valuable and avoid those that do matter at the moment. Enterprise VoIP providers offer features that allow users to separate calls based on their urgency and other aspects.

Call screening can be helpful in separating calls that are directed to different departments. This is a key feature that prevents having to answer long calls in the wrong department. For instance, a call intended for the sales department can be best answered by sales executives rather than production representatives.

Auto Attendant

The other top feature of enterprise VoIP systems in 2022 will definitely be auto attendant. This is a feature that has been around for years yet it is still among the top features of VoIP. Enterprise VoIP offers an auto-attendant feature that helps make a business sound and look professional.

With this feature, enterprise VoIP providers enable users of VoIP to use artificial intelligence to direct their customers to self-service. This reduces the cost of hiring in-house call attendants. Further, the feature allows businesses to advertise and introduce customers to new products when they come in.

Voice Conferencing

The other key feature of enterprise VoIP for 2022 is vice conferencing. With this feature, a business can hold voice calls with multiple employees and business partners and discuss key issues. This makes it possible to cut the cost of meetings where the matter at hand can be discussed over the phone.

When dealing with the best VoIP service for home 2022, businesses should be able to compete favorably with big brands. All enterprise VoIP providers allow users to hold call conferences at all times. This is a specifically favorable feature for small businesses.

How to Get Enterprise Unified Communications?

The communication solutions provided by enterprise VoIP are key for all types of businesses. Although the features highlighted are common with big brands these features are affordable and can be used by SMEs. Enterprise Unified Communications does make it possible for these small businesses to thrive.

At Ucaasreview.com, we understand that these features can be complex to harness from some VoIP providers. There are VoIP providers who promise heaven just to deliver mediocre services. If you are on the lookout for enterprise VoIP providers that can be trusted, get in touch with us to link with VoIP service providers.