Google Voice for Business: All You Need to Know

Google voice is an affordable VoIP solution, revolutionizing the business telephone system. Traditionally, people faced a lot of hassle with their phone system including phone jack installation, tangled wires, hardware upgrades, poor-quality audio, and many others. This is the reason why many people are switching to VoIP solutions.

VoIP business phones offer the perfect solution for businesses looking for scalable  and intuitive telephone systems that can be used anywhere with minimum hassle. Google Voice, also known as Google Workspace is a low-priced VoIP telephony service that enables users to make international and domestic calls from various devices.

Since it’s a VoIP solution, it uses the internet to transmit all your calls and messages which assures the flexibility of the feature. To know more about Google Voice and its advantages such as virtual extensions, call recording, call forwarding, and others, keep reading.


What is Google Voice?


Google Voice is a lightweight, low-priced, yet fully functional business telephone system based on the Google ecosystem. Unlike the best VoIP providers that are introducing new integrations with their services to scale their capabilities, Google Voice offers perfect virtual extensions to make the best ROI in G-Suite or Google Workspace.

Here are a few ways Google Voice can help you:


  • Get Your New Phone Number: The entire system is cloud-based and relies on the GCP platform for all its core infrastructure. Upon choosing this service, the telephone system will offer you a set of different phone numbers to be used for your VoIP business phones. However, you can easily choose to migrate his existing numbers to this Google Voice plan.
  • Save All of Your Important Data: VoIP business phones are a new way of conducting business and saving your phone calls, voice messages, text messages, emails, and more. Since it works off the internet, your information is safely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved whenever you want. This technology replaces most landline phone systems with a better way to communicate.
  • Connect to Your Business Remotely: There are several advantages of having a VoIP business phone and Google Voice. Since it works with the world-wide-web and not traditional landline telephone services, you can access your company’s database and phone system as well as offer remote access to your employees.


Many people discover once they make the switch from conventional phone services to VoIP technology, the added features and cost-saving make them wonder why they didn’t make the switch sooner. Since VoIP phone service offers a flat rate and doesn’t have hidden charges and fees for long-distance calls, it instantly saves you money.


How it Can Help a Business?


cloud systemSince Google Voice is a cloud-based VoIP telephony system using internet broadband to make and receive phone calls, it offers scalability, flexibility, and other top-tier features within a reasonable price that are needed for a business to grow sustainably and be successful in today’s tough competition for new and repeat business.

According to the best VoIP providers, there are a few key features of Google Voice that help a business in its goal of being successful and having a trustworthy business that customers can depend on.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features of Google Voice:




Unlike other virtual extensions for VoIP, Google Voice offers auto-attendant features that include several layers of call routing options.  For each dial option, you can transfer the caller to the agent of the best VoIP providers that you’re using, or the call can be transferred to a submenu with prompt messages or you can repeat the main menu.

This auto-attendant feature allows businesses to connect with their customers at different touch points in the entire customer journey. Therefore, it offers an improved customer experience allowing better growth opportunities for the business. Many businesses report significant growth over a short period of time with Google Voice.


Free Calls To the United States


Another feature that set Google Voice apart from other service providers and their solutions is that it offers free calling solutions to the US. This means businesses can make unlimited texts and calls in the US using Google Voice. However, unlimited calling to nearby countries such as Canada is prohibited without a Canadian number.

Still, it can be one of the best perks for businesses operating in the US, especially, if your customers are based out of the US, then it can significantly lower the cost for the entire telephone system. This is the reason why so many businesses are making a switch to Google Voice VoIP solutions.


Split Incoming Calls


Unlike other virtual extensions for VoIP and their features, Google Voice offers a call ordering option to help businesses manage a huge flow of incoming calls. When the call reaches a main number, callers can choose where to forward the call based on the agent’s availability, expertise, and other pre-set terms.

It also means the responsibility of answering incoming calls can easily be shared among the team members so that none feels the pressure of high incoming calls. These are add-on features offered by Google Voice and come highly recommended by those who are using it today to conduct business.

Unlike the best VoIP providers and virtual extensions, this platform can help you keep all your agent’s communication in one place for easy and instant navigation to call logs.


Getting the Best VoIP Providers for Google Voice


Although there are plenty of benefits to using virtual extensions service from the best VoIP service providers, it’s not always easy to find the best one. This is why UCaaS Review is here to guide you through the process. We have the expertise and experience to help you choose the best VoIP providers according to your needs.

Moreover, Google Voice service is one of the most affordable VoIP solutions that allow businesses to unlock all the features without burning a lot of their investment. Additionally, it offers a customer-friendly interface that can alter the experience of your customer service agents.

To know more about Google Voice virtual extensions, contact us today by calling us or requesting a free quote.