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Helpful Tips for Online Conference Call Meetings

Online conference calls have become the order of the day, with more people preferring to work remotely. Most institutions, including SMBs, were forced to implement work-from-home programs at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, online call conferencing has become a necessity.

With a vast list of web conferencing software, there are many ways in which calls can be controlled. It is recommended to use business phone solutions when dealing with business calls for clear audio and video capturing and control. Even with the best software, the actions taken during the call are important.

There is a long video conferencing software list that users can use to find the best apps to use. Keep reading to find out how to improve communication on conference calls, the app being used notwithstanding.


What is a Conference Call Meeting?


A conference call is a phone call in which the caller talks to more than one person on the receiving end. Conference calls may involve three parties or even hundreds of people. With modern technology, online conference calls involve more than just voice.

There is a large list of web conferencing software that allows organizations and groups to make video conference calls. Most of such software allows for demonstrations, sharing of files, and other options. The best business phone solutions should offer such features that make business communication easier.


Tips to help have smooth conference calls:


Send out Call Invitations in Advance


The first and most important tip is to always send out invitations in advance. If possible, email or call each person who is expected to be part of the conference call. This way, those participating can plan in advance and find a quiet location for easy communication.

With the vast list of web conferencing software, choose one that supports call scheduling and sending of reminders. Most business phone solutions should have these features that help with planning the call to avoid a case where people miss calls.

Send out Call Etiquette Guidelines in Advance

Secondly, make sure everyone who will be on the call knows the rules. A conference call without communication guidelines can easily turn chaotic. With everyone speaking at the same time, it becomes impossible to pass a point through.

From the available list of web conferencing software, choose one that offers the best business phone solutions for controlling communication. The best video conferencing app provides room for the moderator to control the talking times and activities of those on the call.


Check the Connection Setup in Advance

The other important tip is in regards to the quality of connection. At the end of the day, video conferencing calls will not work unless the connection is stable. On the list of web conferencing software, there are those that offer advanced business phone solutions that allow users to test internet speed and strength.

Check the internet speed and strength before making the call to ensure that there are no jitters or breakages during the call.


Mute Microphones Except When in Use

The person in charge of controlling the call must be able to switch microphones on and off. This way, moderating the conversation becomes easy. On the list of web conferencing software, there are business phone solutions that allow moderators to have access to key buttons such as starting and ending calls, mute buttons, and others.

All the best free video conferencing apps also have similar features that allow the moderator to control calls remotely.


Have a Moderator or Chair Person

Most importantly, it’s necessary to have a chairperson. Even with the best rules and guidelines, it is almost impossible to control a web conference call without a clear leader for the conversation.

All business phone solutions provide the moderator or chairperson with some tools to facilitate the calls. Use the available video conferencing tools to call all the other call participants to order where necessary.

The work of the moderator is to control the conversation. Determine who speaks and when. Secondly, make sure conclusions are given at the end of every agenda and that they are well understood. All conclusions must also be noted down.

Expert Business Phone Solutions

While there is a long list of web conferencing software that may be used to make conference calls, a few offer the best video conferencing tools. For smooth and efficient online conference calls, the software being used must be up to modern standards and must offer the necessary tools.

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