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Highest Rated Mitel Competitors and Alternatives to Migrate to

There are many benefits of making the switch from Mitel for VoIP communications. Several consumers and businesses are going to UCaaS Review for the best alternatives to migrate to for the top features enterprise VoIP for 2022. UCaaS Review makes it easy to learn more about the top VoIP providers.

When considering different solutions in today’s fast-paced communications world, it’s important for potential VoIP lines for businesses to compare competencies in different categories such as contracting and evaluation, deployment and integration, support and service, and tailored product capabilities.

To learn more about the highest-rated Mitel competitors and the best VoIP companies that buyers are using as an alternative, keep reading.

Highest Rated Mitel Competitors in 2022

While there are several Mitel competitors in 2022, UCaaS Review has narrowed down the list to the top five. With many key factors for new or pre-existing customers, top features enterprise VoIP for 2022 become paramount for product performance and functionality.

Here are five of Mitel’s highest-rated competitors:

  • Avaya: Users find that Avaya IP Office is easy to use and has a professional interface. It also has an easy way for administration on the Avaya IP System.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft will always be a top competitor for Mitel, especially with the well-known software Skype for business with its talk, text, and video services.
  • Cisco: Cisco’s CallManager is popular for its collaboration system that provides IP Telephony as well as voicemail, conference, messaging, and video.
  • NEC: NEC provides VoIP lines for businesses with an analog and TDM system. They are responsive to consumers’ needs and have a business footprint of 30 years.
  • Atos Unify: Atos Unify offers great collaboration tools such as shared presentations, video conferencing, and VoIP phone lines with worldwide connections.

Although the list above is based on Mitel’s competitors that have top features enterprise VoIP for 2022, there are several more VoIP companies that fall as leading competitors to Mitel such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Huawei, and others.

Where Are Mitel’s Consumers Migrating to for VoIP?

Here at UCaaS Review, we have the best recommendations and reviews of companies that offer the top features enterprise VoIP for 2022. With the best prices and VoIP technology, it’s easy to see the benefits of making the switch from Mitel.

Here are some of the best VoIP for businesses in 2022:

  • PanTerra: PanTerra is an industry leader for the best VoIP lines for businesses. They offer effective cloud solutions with secure HIPAA/HITECH communications.
  • BCM One: BCM One provides mid-sized companies with high-quality IT and consumer support. They work with multi-site organizations and offer affordable VoIP packages.
  • Kumo: Kumo is a cloud computing solution for small to large businesses that offer easy interfaces and some of the best cloud-based phone systems for VoIP.
  • GoToConnect: GoToConnect also works on business VoIP phones connected to the cloud with chat, text, video conferencing, and more.
  • 8×8: 8×8 is a leading pioneer for VoIP companies in 2022 with video, voice, contact center, chat, and enterprise API solutions.

UCaaS Review also has other VoIP alternatives to migrate to such as 3CX, RingCentral, DialPad, and GlobalMeet.

Where to Get the Benefits of Making the Switch From Mitel?

UCaaS Review offers the best VoIP alternatives from Mitel with the top features enterprise VoIP for 2022. When it comes to VOIP lines for businesses, the company you select, matters for effective communications at the most affordable rates and prices.

For more information about the benefits of making the switch from Mitel, call UCaaS Review today to speak with a representative or click here to fill out a quote.