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How Click-to-Call Works

Technology is constantly shifting for the better. Communication solutions are today more advanced than they were a few years ago. Today, customers can contact businesses by directly initiating a call from a web page thanks to VoIP technology.

Click to call is a VoIP feature that allows website users to initiate calls with the click of a button. On most websites \”Call Us Now\” buttons can be used by website visitors to initiate a call. These buttons are click-to-call HTML codes that allow a person to initiate an IP call from the website directly without having to use a VoIP app.

Click to call offers plenty of features that are beneficial to VoIP users. One of the most common click-to-call Google questions is in regards to the benefits of the service. Keep reading to find out the uses and benefits of click to call.

What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call is a communication technology that uses a hyperlink to send an HTML command that initiates a call. Once the user clicks on the hyperlink, two calls are initiated. The first call is initiated on the VoIP subscriber\’s phone while another call is initiated on the Caller\’s phone. The caller does not need to be using VoIP.

Thanks to VoIP features that allow normal phones to call VoIP users, click-to-call converges all types of users. This is one of the most important VoIP features that make it more useful than traditional phones. Due to the advanced VoIP technology calls can be made to online phone users by offline numbers.

Does Click to Call Require VoIP App to Work?

The main purpose of click-to-call is to initiate a call online. In other words, the person starting the call is usually connected to the internet at the time of the call. Most people assume that this requires the person calling to use a VoIP Phone. The click-to-call app offers the best way to have VoIP technology explained.

Click to call is initiated by VoIP technology in the following ways:

  • An HTM code is used to set up the hyperlink.
  • A Click on the hyperlink sends codes to initiate a call.
  • The call is initiated via Session Initiation Protocol, which does not need a VoIP app.

VoIP technology is not a phone solution that requires both parties to be connected to the internet. It is only the VoIP phone owner who has to be connected. The callers can use a traditional landline or satellite phone. A look at click-to-call examples shows that people from across the world can call leading brands at any time.

Who Should Use Click-to-Call?

The users of VoIP can benefit from click-to-call features. Most businesses that require customers to initiate communication can improve their productivity and reach by using this feature. For a business that offers services, it is recommended to use the click-to-call app on the service pages to prompt prospective customers to make calls.

The businesses that use click to call most are:

  • Local service businesses such as spas, barbershops, construction, plumbing, etc.
  • Automotive industry businesses such as those that offer repair services, spare parts, or sell vehicles.
  • Tech industry service providers who offer software solutions or services.
  • Service industries such as hotel and travel service providers can use these services.

This VoIP technology is ideal for a wide range of businesses. Ideally, any business that requires customers to take action when visiting its website can use click to call buttons. This is one of the most important VoIP features and guarantees value for money to all VoIP users.

How Click-to-Call Benefits Business

The benefits of click-to-call are virtually endless to businesses. As one of the best and most advanced VoIP features, the service offers users a competitive advantage. Those who use this service are always a step ahead of other competing businesses. Being able to use features that are yet to be explored is advantageous.

The main benefits of this VoIP technology to businesses are:

  • The technology improves the conversion rate.
  • The technology leads to inbound sales calls.
  • The technology offers 24-hour support to customers.

The click-to-call service is very beneficial to different business models. It is a service that guarantees customer satisfaction due to the simplification of communication it offers. Customers trust brands that offer easy communication channels. The click-to-call feature is one of the easiest ways to communicate.

Professional and Expert Click-to-Call Services

With the vast benefits offered by VoIP technology, click to call is one of the top-notch features that must be well utilized by VoIP customers. The problem is that most VoIP users do not know how to set up their websites for click-to-call service. Interestingly, it is quite easy and free to set up click-to-call for business.

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