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How Does CPaaS Work?

Communication solutions have been on an upward development trend for the past few decades. Additional features have made communications better but some of the solutions tend to come with more complications. The introduction of CPaaS does not only cut bottlenecks but makes communication cheaper and better.

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a type of communication solution where application-based solutions are used by end-users. The applications offer flexibility with capabilities to add or remove features based on the communication needs of the users. Companies only get to pay for the features they need.

To fully understand how CPaaS services operate, it is important to conceptualize UCaaS and understand what UCaaS providers offer. Keep on reading to learn more.

What Are CPaaS Providers?

Communications Platform as a Service is a multichannel communication platform used by developers to customize existing applications and software. In other words, if a company already has communication software that it uses, CPaaS can allow such software to be advanced without having to purchase new infrastructure.

Most UCaaS providers are cloud-based, meaning that they do not have to visit a physical office to provide services. For those wondering, how does VoIP work? It is mandatory to first look at UCaaS as a platform.

Are CPaaS the same as UCaaS?

To understand how CPaaS work, we must first compare it to contact center software (CCaaS) or bundled Unified Communications services (UCaaS). UCaaS providers provide CPaaS services that can be used by customers who already use different communication applications or software.

How Does VoIP Work with CPaaS?

For those asking how does VoIP work with CPaaS. The answer lies in the features needed by a VoIP user. There are different VoIP applications and software. If a company that offers VoIP services is equipped with a CPaaS system, it can help the VoIP software offer more services including texting and video calling among others.

CPaaS Allows Continuous Advancement of Communication Features

One of the major problems, when it comes to communications, is the lack of proper balance between usable features and the cost. For a long time, companies have been forced to pay for packages that contain unnecessary services.

With CPaaS, there is flexibility that allows users to pick diverse services at affordable costs. The platform is commonly used by UCaaS providers and developers to advance the features of an end-user software or application. This is a convenient way of using 8×8 UCaaS services.

How Does CPaaS Interact with Existing Software?

The CPaaS system uses the Application Programming Interface (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs). API acts as a translator or the link between the existing application and an external application. This link allows the available communication system to attain further functionality that it did not have previously.

The API contains building blocks that are needed for your application to function properly. These building blocks are vital to all developers since they provide the direct link between developers and service providers.

CPaaS offers Additional Messaging Capabilities

Among the key features of CPaaS is the extra messaging functions. This system offers functions that are not provided by UCaaS and other communication solutions when it comes to messaging.

The most advanced UCaaS providers will offer some of the following advantages for CPaaS users:

  • The capabilities to receive free inbound messages
  • The capabilities to detect sender ID with a local number
  • Automatic splitting for long texts after every 160 characters

These features are not available under 8×8 UCaaS. The importance of features such as text splitting is that it allows users to easily read the messages sent out.

CPaaS Call Functionality

Besides messaging features, CPaaS offers advanced call functionality that can be beneficial to most businesses. Some of the benefits of CPaaS include audio conferencing, which can host up to 250 individuals at a go.

The other functions of CPaaS in calls are:

  • Additional call queuing allows other users to wait in line when the lines are busy.
  • Audio playback of music or pre-recorded voice prompts that can be interactive
  • UCaaS providers that use CPaaS systems provide voice insights and analytics that can be used by the end-user.
  • One-click calling and web interfaces or mobile applications.

For those wondering, what are UCaaS solutions? You have your answer. UCaaS simply refers to unified communication solutions that can be powered by various platforms including CPaaS.

How to Get Connected to the Best UCaaS Providers?

At the end of the day, whether you are using the normal UCaaS services or you opt for advanced CPaaS solutions, the important factor is your service provider. There are plenty of UCaaS service providers out there that do not meet the needs of their customers.

When shopping for UCaaS providers, you should start with a UCaaS provider comparison. Compare the services and features offered by the available brands. At UCaaS Review, we are trusted to offer the best communication solutions at all levels. Get in touch with us for more information by filling our contact form for a free quote.