How Does VoIP Call Recording Work?

VoIP call recording is one of the most secure ways of recording audio files during a phone conversation in a cloud interface. Generally, employees or business owners find it difficult to take notes from their clients while speaking over the phone. However, with a business call recording VoIP system, users can record both sides of the conversation.

Once the call recording has been concluded, users can easily go back and play the audio file as many times as they prefer without any obstructions. VoIP software systems have two different methods for recording calls which are known as active and passive recording and can both deploy a wide range of features and benefits.

Let’s continue reading to discover more features of a VoIP business phone and how VoIP call recording works in the real world.


What is Call Monitoring?


VoIP call monitoring is the method of tracking various metrics of a phone call including latency, jitter, packet loss, and other factors which may affect the call quality. Simply put,

call monitoring is a feature that monitors the quality of service of any VoIP calls including both performance and fault management in modern-day communications.

Here are some benefits of call monitoring with VoIP:


Range of Metrics

Ideally, the best VoIP business phone system service provider has a range of metrics for analyzing the quality of the call. This includes positive jitter, negative jitter, MOS, packet loss, MIA packets, packet late arrival, latency, RTT, and more. VoIP communications are more reliable than conventional Legacy phone systems.


Flawless Communication Systems

From all of the basic to complex problems of VoIP like choppy voices, voice compression, echoes, frequent call drops, and audio delays, everything can be detected by the call monitoring system. At large, users can enjoy a flawless communication system while integrating with VoIP.


Remote Access to Systems

One of the most robust features of VoIP phone communications is remote access to systems regardless of location. Having remote access is made possible by cloud technology and far exceeds most capabilities found in traditional phone systems. Call recording features can be accessed by anyone in your network who has the proper log-on credentials.

Aside from the benefits above, there are a few other benefits of monitoring a call.

These include:


  • Easier to Evaluate: Employee evaluation becomes easier with call monitoring features provided by VoIP. It’s because executives can listen to and review all the previous calls to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current performance of their departments.
  • Provide Real-Time Support: Another major perk is that managers can instantly step in to talk to the customers if any employee is struggling. In many cases, customers may open up a difficult topic that an employee isn’t enough qualified to handle. Meaning, managers who’re monitoring the call can instantly jump in.
  • More Room for Improvement: Regardless of the size and scale of your business, there’ll be always room for improvement, and by monitoring a call people can identify those areas. In fact, once you have enough recordings in the database, you can identify the skill gaps and provide more training to improve.
  • Active Call Recording: This happens by activating a call record button during or before the call. However, the passive recording can be activated by tweaking a few settings to record the entire call without pressing any buttons.

Above are the best parts of using a VoIP business phone system but there are also a few other features to look at when considering VoIP integration. So, let’s continue reading.


What is VoIP Call Tracing?


Since, we’re discussing the unique features of VoIP, tracing a VoIP call is another feature that can’t be left neglected. Especially, in today’s time when the number of unwanted phone calls and phishing is increasing at rapid rates, it’s highly important to discover a way of tracing a VoIP call.

Here are three easy ways to trace a VoIP call:


  1. Reverse Phone Detective

Reverse phone detective is one of the best ways for tracing a VoIP call. The process includes the use of several online applications for tracing the call and its owner. Typically, all the applications are free and you simply have to put the caller ID in the application to discover the owner’s details.


  1. VoIP Service Provider

In case, you’re using the best VoIP service providers, they’ll always be there to ensure nothing disturbs you. So, if you’re desperate for tracing a VoIP call, you can always reach out to the service provider and provide them with the caller ID and call duration to discover further details.


  1. Using Third-Party Websites

There are a few third-party websites available where you can check the caller ID from which you’re constantly getting scammed. It’s one of the easiest ways to trace a VoIP call and unlock detailed information about the owner. You can also view other related searches for the mysterious number and see if it points to its origins.

Eventually, tracing a VoIP call is possible regardless of the type of call you receive. This is the reason why organizations can reduce the number of times getting a phishing call and increase their employee’s overall efficiency. UCaaS Review offers the best VoIP providers for call recording and so much more.


What Kind of Businesses Use VoIP Software Systems


There are many businesses that use VoIP software systems from hospitals to schools as well as both major and minor businesses. Call monitoring can also help businesses with spam calls that divert their employee’s attention away from their job and reduces the amount of time they spend on dead-end calls when they could be used elsewhere.

Many call centers utilize the call recording features of VoIP phone systems to retrieve missed calls and redirect callers through the IVR feature, reducing the amount of time a caller stays on the line and getting them to the right department or screen prompt that automatically answers their questions.

Call recording VoIP is a major keystone in any modern-day business and is used extensively to track callers and important information that can be used to index customers and retain data used to make purchases easier the second time a caller calls your IVR phone system powered by VoIP technology.


Tracing a VoIP Call With the Best VoIP Service Providers


Call recording VoIP, call monitoring, and tracing a VoIP call all features are covered under the plans provided by the best VoIP service provider. However, the most challenging part that people face is finding an ideal service provider is finding one everything covered under shade such as the ones at UCaaS Review.

While UCaaS Review is here to help you out, there’s nothing to worry about. You can read the unbiased reviews of different VoIP business phone service providers and their pros and cons before you make your decision on which one works best for you and your business. Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote.

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