How to Fix Common Conference Call Problems

people in IP conference call meetingConference call phone systems can be a blessing or a curse depending on the software and phone system itself. Businesses today rely heavily on the conference and video communications to conduct meetings, set itineraries, schedule appointments, and solve customer-related issues.

Common problems that occur with conference call systems include not being able to hear each other, echoes, and one side or the other not being able to see each other. They can be very aggravating and time-consuming, especially when you have other business matters to tend to.

To discover more about common conference call problems, conference call software solutions, and the best VoIP conference call systems, keep reading.

What Are Conference Call Phone Systems?

Conference call phone systems are phone systems that allow multiple users from anywhere in the world to join the same phone call simultaneously. They can be in the form of a web conference, video, or audio, depending on your business’s budget and requirements. 

Much like a formal sit-down business meeting, VoIP conference call systems offer the same features of a professional business meeting but are conducted through a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop, making them ideal for companies to evolve collaboration and communication needs.


Fixing Common Conference Call Problems

There are many problems that arise with conference call software and systems from tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones. For almost every business, conference calls are used daily as well as video conferencing; however, the type of phone system you have may be outdated or you’re using traditional landline phone systems.

Here are some common conference call system problems and how to fix them:

Integration Problems

Having the right phone always helps when trying to solve common conference call problems and ones that can integrate with today’s technology. VoIP business phones are one of the best ways to eliminate many issues found with hardware and software integrations.

Having conference call software that integrates with existing phone systems is paramount, especially for video conferencing. The best way to fix these problems is to make sure your phone systems are compatible with supported applications such as messaging, file transfers, and calendars on your existing devices.


Audio & Video-Related Problems

Audio and video-related problems become an issue when using these conferencing solutions when you can’t hear or see each other, making them little use to your business. Some problems include low volume or echoing audio as well as scrambled video transmissions.

To fix these problems, it’s important to make sure you have the proper equipment in hand. For example, when it comes to background noise, noise cancellation equipment goes a long way toward reducing any audio interference associated with background noise.person making VoIP phone call

Here are some more ways to fix common audio and video conference call phone systems with problems:

  • All users working on a computer should have earbuds, headsets, or microphones to minimize echoes.
  • Check all of your connections, including your camera and headset to make sure that all of your cables are connected to their proper ports.
  • For technical problems with conference call software and troubleshooting of audio and video problems, try checking your detailed operating system performance statistics.
  • For problems beyond your scope of DIY fixes, contact IT staff to receive a system performance record or for IT assistance.


User-Related Problems

When users have not used to the video conferencing tools that come with the conference call software, they can encounter various problems during live online conference calls. Therefore, it can cause many end users to avoid using your communication system due to unfamiliarity.

To fix these user-related problems with your conference call system, it is best to take the time to get all users familiarized with the system once it is activated. Make sure all users understand how your new VoIP business phones work before the start using it and read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to get the proper solutions.

Lastly, start with a dry run of your new system before using any of the features and tools for the live video conferencing sessions. Doing this, ensure that your team understands how to use all of the tools and features of your conference call software to get the most efficient, convenient, and effective communications, every time. 


Network-Related Problems

A common problem with conference call phone systems is network connectivity and inadequate bandwidth, making for a poor video conferencing experience. Some of the problems stem from freezing video feeds, screen sharing extended and failure, unexplained delays, and choppy audio.

To fix these problems, start by ensuring that your bandwidth requirements and internet connection speed is compatible with the video conferencing software for the best solutions. Afterward, confirm your internet connections meet the vendor’s requirements. You can also check with your IT department for further assistance.

If that still doesn’t fix the problem, call your IT technicians to see if all of the routers, cables, or other equipment is hooked up properly for any other unexplained network-related problems.

Insufficient bandwidth and other network-related problems are some of the most common conference call systems and video problems experienced by all users. VoIP business phones offer exceptional audio and video conference call systems for businesses that never want to miss an important meeting or scheduled event.


How to Get the Best Conference Call Phone Systems

Every good conference call system starts and ends with a UCaaS Review of the best VoIP conference call systems and VoIP vendors. Every business phone system can experience a wide range of problems here and there but when your conference call systems are down more than up, you may have a new problem.

To avoid constantly reaching out for IT assistance and costly business delays from poor video and audio conferencing phone systems, always use a top-rated VoIP service provider available at UCaaS Review. This ensures that your video conferencing software is always updated and current on all of your devices.

To end, training your end users to fix common issues without IT assistance, helps to reduce the number of missed video and audio call conferences. For more information about the best VoIP business phones for conference calls, click here or call UCaaS Review today and never miss another important conference call.