How to Port Business Phone Number Easily

With modern telephony service providers, it is possible and necessary to port numbers. The necessity to port numbers may result from poor services from the current service provider or any other issue.

Porting numbers for VoIP business phone systems is quite easy. All you have to do is write a letter expressing interest in port number from one service provider to a new one. Since VoIP communication is handled by cloud-based phone system technology, all the important details are captured and the number is transferred.

The phone number porting process can be quite complex and those who intend to do it should have the right information. Keep reading to learn more about phone porting and what it entails.

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system refers to a VoIP phone system that is usually accessed over the internet. Cloud-based systems deliver calls entirely over the internet and not through traditional copper wires.

With the introduction of cloud-based systems, many small businesses now use the VoIP business phone system. This cloud-based phone system for business allows users to switch service providers where necessary and also port their current business phone number when shifting.

What to Do Before Porting Phone Number

For those considering switching service providers, there are some factors to keep in mind. While it is possible to port numbers when using a cloud-based phone system for business, there are steps to follow. Depending on the type of cloud-based phone system at hand, a VoIP business phone system must fulfill some steps.

With cloud-based phone systems for small businesses, porting the current business number is possible. But before making the big step, these are the factors to consider.

Bellow is everything to do when porting your current phone number to a new service provider:

Keep Current Number Until the Switch Happens

Most people make the mistake of switching off the current service provider before moving to a new provider. Every VoIP business phone system permits the moving of phone numbers but it should be done when the system still operates.

The cloud-based phone system should continue running until the switch is complete. All cloud telephony providers will allow the number to be operational even when the switching process has been initiated.

Keep Copy of Recent Phone Bill

To port VoIP business phone system numbers, a few important details will be required. The information needed is usually detailed on the phone bill. When planning to port cloud-based phone system numbers, the data on the bill will be required.

Even the cheapest cloud-based phone system allows porting of phone numbers, as long as the system bills are well kept. Thankfully, it is not necessary to have the phone bill for every month. The required bill is for the last time when it was billed. This helps in calculating costs payable before porting and other factors.

Send a Letter of Authorization

To start off the process of porting a phone number, the number owner will be required to write a letter of Authorization (LOA). The letter must contain details such as the address, BTn, and other important details. The letter should outline the VoIP business phone system and authorize the porting process.

This process is possible with every free cloud-based phone system. The service operator to which a person wants to switch will initiate the porting process after receiving the cloud-based phone system details. With that, the porting process will be initiated and will take a few days to complete.

Wait for the Porting Process to Be Completed

It should take about two weeks for the entire porting to be completed. At the end of the process, the new service provider will send an email confirming that the process is completed. Once the confirmation that the number has been ported is sent, it is time to switch off the other service provider,

It is crucial to remember that the only time to switch off the other service provider is after the number has been transferred. At this stage, start receiving and making business calls on the new phone service provider. All calls including business calls should be received via the new service provider.

Getting a Professional VoIP Business Phone System

To start using a professional VoIP business phone system, it is recommended that you check to determine the best service provider first. Failure to check may lead to acquiring poor cloud telephony providers and eventually needing to change cloud-based phone systems. While porting numbers is possible it’s not fun.

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