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Identifying The Worst VoIP Providers

VoIP services offer communication solutions that most traditional cable companies can’t provide. With options such as self-hosted VoIP call center and service provider call center, businesses have the freedom to choose an option that works for their needs.

Hosted PBX services offer communication solutions to small, medium, and even large corporations. With so many benefits, there are already many cloud-based VoIP service providers in the market. Their features and quality of service vary widely. Those who wish to use their services should choose the preferred service provider carefully.

In this post, we will be looking at service providers that do not just meet the threshold. Read further to find out more about the red flags that show up when dealing with the worst VoIP service providers.

What is a VoIP Service Provider?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows individuals to make and receive calls over the internet. These types of calls are the opposite of traditional analog calls, which were made over a cable connection. VoIP offers the best solution for call centers, companies, and other organizations that make bulk calls.

For those who use the services of PBX VoIP providers, it is vital to choose the best service provider.

Below are the indicators of bad service providers:

They Include Penalty Clauses in Their Contracts

Be very careful when reading VoIP service contracts. Bad service providers have trap clauses in the contract that make it impossible for a customer to switch a service provider along the way. This is very common with service providers that purport to offer the lowest rates.

They usually trap customers with their purported low process, knowing that if the customer would want out, they would be fried to pay for the entire period of the contract.

For instance, if a customer signs up for a service provider that charges $100 per month for a period of one year and chooses to opt-out midway, they are forced to pay for the entire year. When reviewing contracts, look for clauses that charge penalties for wanting out of a contract.

They Have Obvious Mistakes on Their Website

One of the traditional ways of identifying legit brands is by looking at the overall quality of their website. A VoIP service provider should be a well-established company that has a well-developed website. Simple mistakes like having a poor design, low-quality logo or inaccurate content should work as a red flag.

The most common mistakes made by most rookie companies come in the form of spelling. A high-quality company should not have plenty of spelling mistakes in its content. Look at the technical terms on the website to see if they are well spelled and whether the grammar in their content is well organized.

They Promise Heaven In Spite of Your Network Quality

All premium VoIP service providers ask their potential clients about the type of network they use. This is because the quality of calls also depends on the quality of the network. If a company promises that their calls are high quality despite the internet speed, that is a red flag.

The minimum speed recommended for a video conference hosting up to 10 people is 5MBps. There are clients who promise that their service can provide proper connection up to 100 calls without worrying about the speed of the connection. This is a lie only used by money-hungry service providers who only care about making a sale.

Ask Questions to Pick Up Lies

The lying game works well for the Worst VoIP providers. Given that their services do not meet the required standards, they use a lot of lies to attract unsuspecting clients. Fortunately, catching them in their lies is much easier. Asking the right questions will push them to make false claims.

For instance, if they claim they offer good customer service, contact them via the provided channels to see how long they take to respond. If they say they are based in the US, give them a call and listen to the accent to see if it matches their claims. The more questions asked, the higher the chances that they will be caught in their lies.

Inconsistent Reviews

Fake reviews have become the hallmark of digital marketing. Many companies buy fake views every day since they know that buyers do not bother to investigate the authenticity of all reviews. The same problem faces many VoIP service users. Clients invest in sleek marketing schemes that wipe away negativity.

While rogue companies can buy reviewers, their poor service speaks for itself. Those who use their services eventually have to write down reviews. In a case where 5-star reviews are dotted with plenty of 1-star reviews and negative comments, customers should be careful. This often means that the company is buying reviews.

Cable Companies

This might seem like a bad generalization but it is true. Most cable connection companies are trying to transition to VoIP services. They give their clients plenty of promises of a better future and smooth transition. They also convince clients that staying with a long-term service provider is better than finding a new service provider.

The fact is that cable companies cannot just match the standards set by modern VoIP companies. Modern digital firms are competing with high-end features and have advanced the way communication is done. This is an area where traditional cable companies have slim chances of success.

They Offer The Best Prices No matter the Situation

Anyone who goes out to purchase any product based on the lowest price tag is bound to get a bad deal. The same case applies to VoIP service providers. The worst VoIP service providers out there do not worry so much about the amount of money. They are desperate to get just any amount that the buyer is willing to give.

In the context of pricing, it is recommended to choose a brand that offers value for money. Any service provider who is desperate to offer services at lower rates than all others is likely to offer bogus services. Before signing the contract, request to have a trial period to judge the services based on the quality of calls.

How to Avoid the Worst VoIP Providers

All VoIP service providers are out there for business. They will use the most persuasive language to sell their services. It is the duty of the service consumer to choose a service provider that offers quality services. Carefully considering the valuable aspects will help avoid falling into the hands of the worst service providers.

Steps to take to dodge worst service providers:
  • Ask plenty of questions and demand clear answers to avoid signing a contract that does not add value.
  • Read through the entire contract with a lawyer to understand it well before making any serious long-term commitments.
  • Scrutinize online reviews.
  • Check out alternatives before signing the deal.

By taking all these measures, it is possible to dodge the worst VoIP service providers in the market. In the end, it is all about the value a company offers and not what they charge. Even though the pricing matters, focus mostly on customer service, features offered and the reviews provided by other users.