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International Calls Made Cost-Effective & Convenient

Voice calls are an integral part of business in the modern world. Most business owners are constantly on the lookout for reliable and affordable voice call services. One of the best options for business when it comes to making international calls is VoIP.

VoIP unlimited international calls are tailored to provide an affordable solution for long-distance calls. Unlike traditional satellite calls, a VoIP international number allows a user to receive and send calls internationally over the internet. These calls are embraced for their cost-effectiveness and the convenience they offer.

Read further to fully understand how VoIP calls work and the benefits they offer to users.

What is VoIP International Long Distance?


The term VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. As the term suggests, VoIP calls are made over the internet and not transmitted over satellite networks like it is worth traditional calls. Because they are transmitted online via VoIP international long-distance, calls are very cheap.

For anyone who wishes to use the softphone for international calls, the first step is to acquire a VoIP international number. What is a voip number? It is a virtual phone number that can be used to make calls over the internet. Unfortunately, there are so many VoIP service providers out there and users can never be sure which is the best.


PanTerra is The Communications-Enabled Everything Cloud Provider, offering the only all-in-one, customizable, HIPAA/HITECH secure, communications cloud solution.


(96 Reviews)

Kumo specializes in cloud computing solutions that unify communications and simplifies technology by elevating businesses with the cloud.


(42 Reviews)

BCM One is an experienced and highly respected managed solution provider and advisor to IT leaders nationwide. BCM One’s niche is working with mid-sized, multi-site organizations.


(25 Reviews)

8×8, Inc. is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform.


(98 Reviews)

Gotoconnect One Seamless, Reliable Platform For Voice and Video.

GoToConnect offers what your business needs to run completely virtually – from cloud-based business phones (VoIP), to video conferencing, text and chat.


(93 Reviews)

RingCentral Software company

RingCentral empowers today’s mobile and distributed workforces to be connected anywhere and on any device through voice, video, team messaging, collaboration, SMS, conferencing, online meetings, contact center, and fax.


(153 Reviews)

Vonage Telecommunications company

Vonage Business Communications is a unified communications platform with the ability to seamlessly connect employees via voice, messaging, and video virtually anywhere around the globe.


(31 Reviews)

Dialpad Software company

Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that turns conversations into opportunities and helps global teams make smarter calls–anywhere, anytime.


(53 Reviews)

3CX is a single unified communications platform solution

3CX is the developer of an open standards communications solution which innovates business connectivity and collaboration, and replaces proprietary PBXs.


(41 Reviews) 

The Best VoIP Service Providers

When shopping for a VoIP service provider, there are several factors to consider. The first factor to keep in mind is the VoIP international long-distance calling plans.

Each VoIP international long-distance call has a specific calling rate which is not determined by the distance of call. They offer some of the best VoIP for international calls at very affordable pricing.

While all the apps above have a high rating, the services they offer vary. For instance, PanTerra has the lowest rates for long-distance calls while other apps such as Onsip are known for their short distance calls. Whichever the case, VoIP apps offer the best rates for voice calls globally.

What Are the Benefits of Free VoIP International Calls?

The benefits of VoIP international long-distance are many. The calls are not only loved for their flexibility but also due to their low rates. Those who enjoy VoIP calls choose them for many other reasons. Below are some of the top benefits of Free VoIP international calls.

Benefits of VoIP calls:

  • They are not limited by satellite signal range.
  • They improve customer service since calls can be answered anywhere and at any time.
  • They are much cheaper than analog calls since they happen over the internet.
  • The best VoIP for international calls offers clear communication without lag time.
  • With so many benefits, it is not a surprise that the leading brands globally already use VoIP services. Most companies that offer such services also provide bulk SMS services among other communication solutions.



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