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What’s the Difference Between SIP and VoIP?

With technology moving at light speeds toward innovative communication processes, it’s important to have the right VoIP business phones. One major advantage of the SIP system combined with the right choice of VoIP service providers can offer businesses more advanced features and seamless communications through multiple channels. With that said, many are wondering what in …

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What is SIP Trunking?

VoIP business phones nowadays are becoming the best way for businesses or almost any company to manage voice communications. Adopting SIP trunking and VoIP provides businesses with more voice communications methods than traditional legacy PRI services through major SIP trunking providers. Businesses and enterprises considering options to reduce their monthly telephone bills, benefit when selecting …

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RTP and VoIP

How Does RTP Work in VoIP?

To better understand how the acronym RTP works in VoIP, we need to understand what the standardized 1996 Real-Time Transfer Protocol means. RTP provides the transmission of video and audio in real-time. RTP also offers end-to-end transport abilities for real-time applications on unicast or multicast network services. VoIP phones for SIP trunking and RTP are …

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upgrade technology

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Cloud Phone Technology in 2022

If you are like many businesses today, your communication systems are the most important part of your success in a world where competition is fierce and demanding. Until just a few years ago, many people used to commute to work in the office environment, and while some still do, many are working remotely nowadays. With …

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