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How Does VoIP Call Recording Work?

VoIP call recording is one of the most secure ways of recording audio files during a phone conversation in a cloud interface. Generally, employees or business owners find it difficult to take notes from their clients while speaking over the phone. However, with a business call recording VoIP system, users can record both sides of …

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Top 3 Business VoIP Phones For 2022

Business VoIP phones are an intricate part of how the world is making changes from traditional landline service to reliable communications with the latest technology. VoIP works on the internet and provides a more unified communication system with the best enterprise VoIP features for 2022. The best VoIP business phones are designed to be streamlined …

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VoIP ProTip: Call Parking

As VoIP advances in features, it becomes even more easy and interesting to use. Statistically, most VoIP users barely use 50% of the features available. There are many beautiful features that VoIP users may want to utilize. One of the top features that are rarely utilized is call-parking. Traditional call lines had what is known …

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Enterprise VoIP Top Features for 2022

Enterprise VoIP communication solutions offer a unified approach to communication. Traditionally, communication solutions were divided into voice, text, and email among others. These features can now be accessed on one platform with investing in Enterprise Unified Communications. Top features of VoIP services such as call scheduling, recording, forwarding, and others still play a key role …

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