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At UCaaS Review, we have shared in-depth reviews of different online faxing providers to help you pick the right VoIP service provider.

Online Faxing With VoIP

Technology is rapidly changing the ways businesses used to work. Office equipment that was once considered a staple for any commercial setting is now becoming obsolete like traditional fax machines. While they still prefer faxing crucial documents to protect sensitive information, they don’t use physical fax machines for this purpose. 

Online faxing has taken over where anyone can send and receive fax documents without actually keeping and maintaining a standard fax machine. Also known as internet faxing, allows businesses and individuals to send and receive fax documents using their mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. 

Since the market has plenty of online faxing service providers, finding the right provider is quite challenging. At UCaaS Review, we have shared in-depth reviews of different online faxing providers to help you pick the right VoIP service provider.

Online Faxing | UCaaS Review VoIP Provider Reviews

Advantages of Using Online Faxing

Digitizing your faxing process has numerous benefits. From lowering communication costs to boosting productivity, online faxing can help your business in multiple ways. All you need for efficient online faxing is a stable internet connection, a valid email ID, and an online faxing service provider. 

If you want to streamline your business communication while maintaining communication safety, using online faxing is an ideal option. You can choose the right VoIP service provider at UCaaS Review, where the top VoIP service providers offer online faxing for all of your digital devices and come with customer support.

Some top benefits of using online faxing using VoIP technology include:

Saves Business Resources

Traditional fax machines require plenty of ink, papers, a dedicated phone line, and a lot more to send and receive fax documents. This leads to high maintenance cost, which increases with the number of fax documents being sent and received. Having online faxing powered by VoIP technology makes this process possible. Since online faxing doesn’t require any overhead expenses for monthly maintenance, the only cost you need to use online faxing is a monthly subscription to a reliable online faxing service provider available at UCaaS Review.

Convenience & Productivity

One of the biggest drawbacks of using traditional fax machines was the need to be close to a well-set fax machine connected to a dedicated phone line. It prevented people from sending and receiving faxed documents from any location. It also wasted time by having employees standing by the fax machine waiting for it to come in. Online faxing solves this problem by allowing businesses to send and receive fax documents from anywhere they want. All you need is a stable internet connection, fax number(s), and subscription to a reliable online faxing service provider. It significantly improves overall employee productivity and convenience.

Improved Security

Emails have always been the most convenient way to send and receive information or documents. Yet, they are also the most vulnerable to cyber threats and other security issues. Many times businesses can fall subject to online phishing email campaigns conducted by cybercriminals, having your emails and faxes secure today is paramount. Therefore, some businesses still prefer faxing crucial information instead of sharing it through email. If you want to protect the information you share with other stakeholders from potential cyber threats, online faxing would be an ideal choice.


If you care for the environment and want to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while growing your business, internet faxing is perfect for you and your business. Since the process eliminates the usage of ink and paper, your fax documents don’t contribute to environmental damage. Having cloud-based technology combined with the power to conduct online faxes changes how business is run and handled today with remote workers at home and in different locations as well as being on the go in a fast-paced business world that operates primarily on the world-wide-web and wireless smart devices.

Faster Communication

What makes online faxing better and more efficient than traditional fax machines is its fast response speed. Through online faxing, users can send and receive faxes more quickly than before. The best part is that the senders and receivers receive an instant notification when the fax is delivered and received. While there are many advantages of having online faxing capabilities, the most important one is having the transmission of sending and receiving online faxes go through without delays or interruptions in the service.

Adopt Online Faxing for Improved Business Communication

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, secure, and swift communication method for your business, online faxing is the best available option. At UCaaS Review, we have covered various exhaustive reviews of online faxing service providers so that you can pick the best one that works for your specific needs and the demands of your business. 

You can contact our team for personalized recommendations and guidance if you cannot pick the best VoIP service provider. Based on your business requirements and personal preferences, you can find the perfect VoIP solution for your online faxing. 



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