Predictive Dialer Software & Solutions

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Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is an automated algorithm-based dialer system that can place simultaneous outbound calls to your selected lead list before an agent becomes available. The purpose of predictive dialer software and solutions is to increase the efficiency of a call center agent by calling the maximum number of leads possible. 

Since the system eliminates voicemail boxes, disconnected numbers, busy phones, and any unanswered phone calls by calling multiple numbers at once, it leads to increased outbound call volume, better conversions, and better penetration to your lead lists.  Many marketing teams have saw positive results in little as the first week.

However, several providers in the market provide predictive dialer software solutions, making it difficult for buyers to choose the best one. This is why UCaaS Review is here to help you select your ideal predictive dialer software solution provider for your desired budget and specific need.

How Does Predictive Dialer Work?

The primary purpose of a predictive dialer is to increase the average talk time of an agent which is deemed the most influential and crucial part of the entire sales process. The dialer works by continually improving and developing the call-placing algorithm so that it can connect with more live customers without wasting the agent’s time.

This innovative software solution can help save a significant amount of money on the time it takes for an agent to be bombarded by calls not related to their department. Therefore, having a VoIP service provider that offers predictive dialer software and solution becomes paramount in today’s competitive marketplace.

The predictive dialer works by the following factors:

Placing the Algorithm

How beneficial this predictive dialer can be entirely decided by its capacity to achieve a proper balance between the total number of calls placed and the total number of available agents. The algorithm acts like a mathematical formula that further helps the dialer to improve its prediction based on the agent’s availability.

Rate of Abandoned Calls

Predictive dialers increase the number of calls it dials when there are more available agents. However, it should be precise. Otherwise, the customers will abandon the call due to the long silence. Therefore, it’s also the responsibility of the call center managers to minimize the abandoned call rates to increase the dialer’s efficiency.

Precision of Data

Predictive dialing is data-driven. It requires a significant amount of precise data including call details, agent’s details, and everything to increase its efficiency. Therefore, it’s important for a call center to have a precise set of data to truly make predictive dialer software work at its full potency.

Types of Predictive Dialers Available for Your Business

Broadly speaking, another crucial decision to make when it comes to integrating predictive dialer software is to choose between different types of dialers available. Primarily, there are two types of predictive dialers available including on-premise dialers and cloud-based dialers. 

With UCaaS Review, you can have a detailed insight into these two different types of dialers:

  • On-Premise Dialer

    On-premise predictive dialers are basically located on your business premises. Meaning, all the expenses starting from the software installation, equipment, hardware setup, maintenance, updates, and other associated costs should be handled by the call center itself.

    There will be no service provider responsible for anything if something should break and even if the hardware is covered, it could take days to weeks to get a qualified technician to come and fix your problems or replace your broken hardware components.

  • Cloud-Based Dialer

    Cloud-based predictive dialer is the software hosted as well as managed in the cloud. Generally, with a cloud-based solution, you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to the software provider to maintain and update the system. The rest of the work will be taken care of by the software service provider itself. 

    According to us, both of these solutions have their unique benefits. For example, an on-premise predictive dialer is best when you have in-house call center agents without any remote ones, whereas cloud-based software is best when you want to grow your call center with lower upfront costs and less of a headache. 



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