Reasons Your Business Needs a Cloud IVR System

Cloud-based phone systems promote Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and is a tool that assists callers to find their solutions. However, the effects of IVR depends on the integration and how well it was deployed to properly answer customer queries. IVR cloud phones are fully customizable and can be set up to meet your specific needs.

Keep reading to discover the reasons your business needs a cloud IVR system and the many benefits that cloud phone service providers can offer your company.


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What is a Cloud IVR System?

IVR Cloud phones are automated telephone systems that combine text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages with a technology called a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interface that engages callers to access and provide information without a representative or live agent.


Reasons for Business Cloud Based Phone Systems

There are many good reasons why businesses should be using cloud telephony services with IVR. They’re a perfect solution for workers who are always working remotely or on the move. Having a cloud phone with IVR for your business, means you have a more functional phone system without outrageous expenses.

Here are some reasons to have a cloud IVR system for your business:


Easy & Quick Implementation

The use of cloud based phone systems eliminates the hardware required for on-premise infrastructure. IVR cloud phones keep businesses running around the clock and come with the added assurance of a team of professional IT techs working in the background on your behalf, providing easy and quick implementation.

Provides Fast Responses

All customers who call a business have one thing in common, they hate being put on hold with extended wait times. Regardless of your best efforts, many callers will drop you like a hot potato and call someone else, leaving you with lost sales or a valued customer. Cloud telephony services prevent such disasters from occurring.

Here are some the best reasons for a cloud IVR system and how they provide fast responses and seamless integration:

  • IVR cloud phones integrate seamlessly by allowing your workers to access business databases and tools coupled by enhanced customer service with a better call center.
  • You can get automated action notifications for inbound calls or leads that serve as follow-up reminders when you have cloud telephony services at your disposal.
  • Remote agents and employees no longer have to enter customer data manually into their smartphones with cloud based phone systems. They can click one button and make a call with cloud telephony that uses ERP/CRM.

Cloud phone service providers allow businesses to have fast responses to their callers greatest concerns and provide the fastest solutions while getting them to the right department or representative in the shortest time possible.


Simplifies Unified Communications

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Cloud communications allow users to retrieve and store all of your information on a single dashboard. Most businesses set up on traditional landline phone systems that use separate communication solutions for video and audio phone calls and conferencing, end up with a piece of paper and pen in their hands while taking notes.

However, when you have IVR cloud phones, you can save your messages and important return phone numbers and retrieve them with ease. Cloud telephony service simplifies unified communications such as evaluating real-time data, managing customers, collaboration with colleagues, taking notes, and collecting feedback.

The centralized storage of a cloud IVR system makes it easier to access records, conversation streams, and previous contacts, freeing up your workers to attend to other primary business concerns. Aside from the cost savings, you can eliminate the cost tracking, tedious billing, and platform management associated with multiple vendors.

Enhances All of Your Calling Features

One of the biggest benefits of cloud communications with IVR is the advanced calling features. Cloud based phone systems provide advanced calling features that are not available on conventional landline phone systems that automate your repetitive processes, improves customer service, and enhances team collaboration.

Below are some of the benefits of a cloud IVR system for businesses that want to work smarter and not harder:

  • IVR allows callers to solve their own problems or “self-serve” by using automated call management channels.
  • Auto-attendants help your caller in reaching the right team or person in the shortest time possible.
  • Call forwarding reduces missed phone calls by directing inbound calls based on certain criteria of the caller.
  • Call recording provides your workforce to maintain a higher level of customer service and assists in keeping accurate records of chats, video meetings, and phone calls.
  • Toll-free numbers are ideal for your customers to call you from landline phones without adding on additional toll charges.

Additionally, you get call masking with cloud telephony services that assists to route calls between the consumer and agent without disclosing the caller’s real phone number by mapping the caller’s telephone number to temporary virtual phone numbers.


Where Do Businesses Go for the Best Cloud IVR System?

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With IVR cloud phones, you can eliminate many malfunctioning problems caused by traditional landline phone systems such as overheating, wiring faults, and hardware equipment failures. You get reliable cloud telephony services that ensure a higher percentage of up-time, reducing the time spent on mundane business matters.

In the end, your customer’s sensitive information is a key aspect of privacy; therefore, your cloud IVR system improves call encryption, single-sign-on, 24/7 network monitoring, and call masking for incoming and outgoing phone calls. UCaaS Review is here to help you find the best IVR system for your business. Call UCaaS today or click here to fill out our inquiry form and get a free quote for IVR phone systems.