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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Cloud Phone Technology in 2022

If you are like many businesses today, your communication systems are the most important part of your success in a world where competition is fierce and demanding. Until just a few years ago, many people used to commute to work in the office environment, and while some still do, many are working remotely nowadays.

With that said, if your current telephone system is having a hard time keeping up with the changing technology such as wireless devices and smartphones with remote access to your network, it could be a sign for cloud-based phone systems like the ones available at UCaaS Review where we list the top SIP trunking providers and more.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of cloud-based phone systems and the top 10 signs that it’s time to upgrade to cloud-based phone systems in 2022.

What Are Cloud-Based Phone Systems?

Cloud-based phone systems are phone services designed to place calls over the internet instead of over traditional analog phone systems made with optical fibers or copper wires to make a connection. They are also hosted on one or more secure data centers that are located offsite.

If your phone systems are unable to handle today’s communication demands, a cloud phone from reputable SIP service providers may be the perfect solution for your outdated communication systems and office.

Below are 10 signs that it might be time to make the switch from a conventional phone to a cloud-based system:

1. You Can’t Keep Up With Demands

Let’s say your current phone system is receiving more calls than it’s designed to handle and you’re losing customers on hold or it is slowing down your workplace productivity, this could be the ideal time to get connected with SIP service providers. Having a variety of cloud phone service providers can get you the right service that meets your demands.

2. Your Not Running on UCaaS

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) can get you everything that a traditional landline service doesn’t offer such as chat, email, audio, web, video conference calls, and text messages. UCaaS provides both internal and external communications and allows you to operate all of your tools and systems from the same software.

3. Your Phone System Has No Remote Access

Most companies today have about 40% of remote employees who work from home; therefore, if your employees can not access your current phone system, it can hold you back and cause a number of internal and external problems. Switching to a cloud phone allows your remote workforce to always be connected to your network.

4. Your Call Quality is Less Than Ideal

Crystal clear communications are always a high priority for business owners who want to keep the caller happy and attentive, especially when you have to put them on hold. Background noise and poor call quality can make a customer agitated and hang up resulting in lost business. SIP trunking providers provide clear audio and a wide range of features not available with traditional landline phone service.

5. Your Phone System is Unprotected from Cybersecurity Attacks

Cloud-based service providers offer higher reliability, privacy, and security to businesses. Session Border Controllers (SBCs) serve as firewalls that perform logical and effective call routing. SIP trunking providers provide protection against cybersecurity attacks and are compliant with many services such as healthcare and credit card payments.

6. Your Phone Isn’t Equipped for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods as well as aging equipment and outdated infrastructure can affect your business. Cloud-based phone systems work on the internet and are not impacted by bad weather. They also route and forward calls to different numbers like smartphones, eliminating missed phone calls.

7. Your Current Phone Lacks Features

SIP service providers offer phone systems with special features like video conferencing, voice mail, text messages, call forwarding, and auto attendant. Routing your caller to the right staff member can save time and prevent the caller from being lost in the queue. Cloud phones provide easy buttons and functions on display screens that are easy to see and use.

8. Your Phone System Prevents Growth

If your phone system doesn’t extend to new locations, it can prevent your business from growing. SIP trunking providers allow companies to operate from different locations and can have extra lines incorporated into your cloud phone system. VoIP phones offer flexibility and scalability that standard legacy systems do not.

9. Your Landline Phone is Becoming Outdated

One of the biggest problems with conventional phone systems is the technology they rely on, which eventually goes out of date and is subject to equipment failure. They typically require a technician to repair the issues, whereas a cloud phone can be fixed by an expert that comes with your VoIP service provider.

10. Your Current Phone System is Costing Too Much

Since traditional landlines run on copper wires and costly hardware, broadband connections lower your monthly costs of running a business. You can get unlimited local and long-distance calling with a set monthly fee without any hidden surprises and outrages rates for international calling.

There are many benefits of cloud-based phone systems that come with the best SIP trunking providers on UCaaS Review. Easy dial pads and user-friendly functions make cloud phones superior to landline phone systems and can be automatically upgraded with new software and technology changes.

How to Partner With the Best SIP Trunking Providers?

The best way to partner with SIP trunking providers is to choose one at UCaaS Review. UCaaS Review offers the best cloud-based phone systems for small to large businesses as well as enterprise VoIP customers.

To see what UCaaS Review’s list of VoIP service providers can do for your business, call us today or fill out our online contact form with a free quote and break away from your old landline phone system and get ahead of the curve with the best cloud-based phone systems in 2022.