SIP Analytics

Prevent Telecom Fraud With SIP Analytics 


SIP analytics performs traffic analysis within a few milliseconds before a call begins. The process is conducted to catch telecom fraud, TDoS, robocalls, and other attacks that may hinder a business’s operation and steal potential data. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to use a quality VoIP service provider at UCaaS Review.

Generally, businesses can’t block their customer’s contact under any circumstances which increases the chances of getting fraud calls. Fortunately, SIP analytics make fraud attacks almost a nonevent by reducing them to a significant percentage. Having SIP analytics gives your business a better insight into what’s working and what’s not.

There will be no need to disrupt a life of a telecom staff in order to handle fraud emergencies while integrating SIP analytics. In fact, there’s nothing to worry about blocking legitimate calls as this feature will not block any of the legit calls. Simply select a VoIP Service provider at UCaaS Review and ask about SIP analytics and management.


How Does SIP Analytics Work?


Typically, traditional fraud management systems or FMSs analyze CDRS or call detail records in order to identify any fraudulent calls. However, this analysis is too slow that it can hardly make any progress in instantly identifying fraudulent calls. As a result, the time taken for CDR to identify the fraud calls is sufficient for hundreds of other fraud calls to progress. 


SIP-Based Telecom System


This is why businesses are now relying on SIP analytics that takes only a few milliseconds to identify any fraud call, thus saving plenty of their time. The system works with a SIP-based telecom system. All you have to do is to create a SIP trunk that will point to the software and all the calls will be routed to the software first before it’s directed to you. 


SIP 404 Not Found


The software will look for any signs of trouble when a call enters. If there’s no issue, then the system will show a “SIP 404 not found” message. Then, the telecom network will route the call to the next destination placed in the routing table. In case, it detects any TDoS or robocall, the system will show a “SIP 603 decline” message and it will automatically decline the calls. 

Only a great VoIP service provider features SIP analytics which is why choosing a reliable provider is essential. UCaaS Review can make things easier for you by providing unbiased insights on multiple VoIP service providers.