difference between voip and unified communications

The Difference Between VoIP and Unified Communications

Communication solutions have been evolving for the longest time. At the corporate level, the introduction of voice calls was a major breakthrough that has remained relevant even today. Voice calls are efficient and convenient but they are not the only communication channel available.

When comparing VoIP to UCaaS solutions, we must start by understanding the key differences between the two. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol refers to a system that provides voice call solutions while Unified Communication Solutions as Service (UcaaS) offers more than just voice. They include text and video features.

Due to advancements in technology, unified communications providers and VoIP companies are almost similar. To learn more, keep on reading.

What is VoIP?

Business VoIP solutions or Voice over Internet Protocol is a communication solution that allows calls to be made over the internet. VoIP is similar to traditional landline communication systems; the only difference is that with VoIP voice is sent over the internet. It is also referred to as Hosted VOIP or Cloud PBX

The beauty of VoIP is that it lowers the cost of communication compare to landline systems. Low-cost business VoIP is a good option for small businesses that receive many calls or have to send out many calls. VoIP service providers offer different packages that may suit the needs of different users.

What Are Unified Communications?

UCaaS solution or unified communications solution as a service is a type of communication system where several channels of communication are employed. With VoIP companies, the only communication model provided is voice; with UCaaS and other communication channels are provided including text, chat, video, and emails.

Even though UCaaS offers other options, it still offers voice calls. In some instances, UCaaS offers business VoIP solutions that can be used by regular voice call companies. The best-unified communications company should offer all-around communication solutions to its customers.

Which is Better, UCaaS or VoIP

When it comes to features, UCaaS obviously sits on top. UCaaS solutions offer voice and other features while VoIP only offers voice. Even so, there are VoIP systems that are much more advanced and provide a better voice calling experience than some UCaaS platforms.

The answer always lies in what is to be done and how the service to be provided works for a specific business model. Before you settle for any model, do proper research and find out more about that model.

Do I Need VoIP or Unified Communication?

To find an ideal communication solution, a company must assess its needs carefully. Don’t rush for a UCaaS solution just because it seems more advanced than VoIP. There are some business models that strongly rely on voice calls and do not need other features provided by UCaaS.

With that in mind, remember that VoIP service providers offer diverse plans too. For instance, business VoIP solutions offer many features that my work as UCaaS solutions to some extent. To get the ideal plan, check several VoIP business plans and compare features.

How to Get Professional Business VoIP Solutions

At the end of the day, whether you use VoIP or UCaaS, what matters is the quality of service. There are many VoIP service providers out there who simply do not deliver what they promise. When comparing VoIP business plans, ensure that you deal with a proven company to avoid regrets.

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