Increasing caller retention is one of the most crucial things for every business. After all, it decides whether you will be able to make the sale or you’re literally pushing away your potential customers. Therefore, the significance of increasing the rate of caller retention along with preventing callers from hanging up should never be overlooked.

The problem behind poor caller retention rate relies on the fact that most businesses spend more of their expenses on getting their customers to the phone. However, they don’t invest their time and effort in making them convert. Kissmetrics statistics showed that 94% of the budget is spent on marketing while the follow-through rate is only 6%.

If customers are hanging up on you, you will be more likely to lose business. Further, it’s important to develop a proper follow-through system that will help to convert potential customers rather than lose their attention. Let’s keep on reading to know more about call center tips to avoid losing your customers.


What Are Call Center Phone Systems?

The call center business phone system uses specialized equipment and technologies to maximize productivity. Since there are reasons behind a dropping caller retention rate, a call center phone system is designed to avoid making those errors and help businesses to grow at their full potential and keep your customers yours.

Generally, most call centers are now equipped with VoIP phone systems which further increases their operational efficiency. With automatic call distributor, queue strategy, audio recordings, automated attendant, IVR, and call recording features, call center business phones can offer a profound experience to each caller.


Tips to Stop Caller Hangups

There’s no way you can sell to your potential customers if they consistently hang up on you. In hindsight, preventing callers from hanging up is one of the first priorities every business owner should focus on. After all, it’s the difference between losing a customer and making a sale.

Typically, a caller hangs up when they are either frustrated, loses patience, or feels like it’s a total waste of time. Moreover, there are a few call center tips utilized by the top-rated call centers across the globe to keep the callers on the line. These tips will help them to keep the callers interested, and improve the opportunities to convert them.

Here are a few call center tips you can utilize:

  1. Never Leave Your Customers in Silence

One of the primary mistakes businesses make is not having proper VoIP phone systems and leaving their customers in silence. People are calling to know a specific type of information or resolve a certain issue. If they are forced to wait during their critical time, it’s certain that the caller retention rate will drop.

To prevent your customers from losing patience and hanging up eventually, you can use user-configurable IVR to organize the flow of incoming calls. Also, call center phone systems are equipped with this technology where customers can choose their self-pathway to fulfill their objectives without waiting for an agent to answer the call.


  1. Provide Relevant Information

Even though VoIP call center phones use IVR to provide more information to the customers, it’s important to provide relevant and up-to-date information to increase the caller retention rate. People call your business to know a piece of specific information. Other times, maybe they need clarification or want to resolve a query.

According to the latest call center tips from major businesses, use the “hold message” to answer the FAQ and route these calls to proper sources where they can get further information. There are VoIP phone systems that can enable you to customize your IVR messages and create a good FAQ to answer the primary questions of your callers.


  1. Offer A Call Back Option

Since technologies are ever-evolving, there is a call-back option that many of the call center phone systems are integrating to drop the abandoned call rate. However, you must be careful enough while deploying this tactic to avoid losing the customer. Failing to respond to the urgent need may result in an abandoned call.

Therefore, the customer query must be understood thoroughly before deploying the call-back option. Businesses can decide to set the callback offer once the estimated wait time reaches a threshold. You can get this feature with most of the VoIP Cloud phones technology which can save you from dropping the caller retention rate.

As mentioned above, these are just a few call center tips that you can utilize to make your business grow exponentially without losing your customers. One of the best ways to prevent your callers from hanging up on you is to have the best call center phone systems available at UCaaS Review.


The Drawbacks of Callers Hanging Up on You

When it comes to callers hanging up on you, there are several drawbacks that come with the dropped call. In the first place, you may have just lost a potential customer that could have been a repeat customer. Meaning, a loss of future revenue streams and a stronger client base where the idea is to grow your business and not shrink it.

Secondly, your dropped caller will go find the answers they want with another trustworthy source and buy what they were looking for. To stop this from causing a domino effect across your bottom end and profit margins, it is always best to have call center business phones with a VoIP directory and automation capabilities.

Thirdly, you can ruin your reputation as angry customers tend to voice their frustration and put your business all over social media channels, and if they have a really bad experience, they will light your name up like a Christmas tree and put you on blast. VoIP phone systems significantly reduce your dropped calls and negative online content.

And lastly, if you have too many dropped calls, it could lead to a company’s downward spiral, eventually giving way to other businesses that deploy VoIP call center phones.


Where to Get the Best Call Center Phone Systems?

Call center phone systems can certainly help businesses to increase their caller retention rate by offering unique and required features like auto-attendant, IVR, cloud phones, call-back options, and a lot more. Customers will never feel neglected, rather they will feel more appreciated which will automatically prevent them from hanging up.

Still, getting an ideal call center phone system is pretty challenging. With so many services offering VoIP call center phones it can be confusing to choose the best one. With UCaaS Review, it’ll be easier to make up your mind as we provide honest reviews to help businesses to find an ideal VoIP service provider.

For more information about the best VoIP call center phones available for both small and large businesses or even enterprises, contact us today.

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