Visual Voicemail

Transcribe Voicemails in Real Time With Visual Voicemail

Voicemail is certainly a great feature offered by the traditional telephone system. However, it was a bit of a struggle and a little time-consuming for people, especially who were always on the go to dial into a voicemail box to read all the messages left there. This is the reason why half of these voicemails were left unread and gone AWOL. 


Since the telephone system is evolving rapidly and nowadays businesses are integrating with cloud-based systems like VoIP, modern voicemail services are getting the most attraction. UCaaS Review is the best source to read all about the best VoIP service providers and features of VoIP business phones.


Modern voicemail features unique options like visual voicemail that allow users to transcribe voicemail messages in real time. Also, you can read them easily without wasting your time and get back to other important business matters or more voice messages from your customers. 


Perks of Visual Voicemails


Visual voicemails is basically a phone feature providing a better way to interface with all of the voicemail messages. However, in this case, users never have to dial the voicemail box. Along with that, visual voicemail shares a lot of extensive capabilities that will better manage voice messages and keep your business better organized. 


Some of the perks of visual voicemails include:


  • It saves a lot of time as users can instantly review their inbox in seconds without wasting their precious time. 
  • You can instantly forward any important messages that need to be shared with your team for instant handling. 
  • Reports showcase that with visual voicemails the message reading rate increased by up to 62 percent. 
  • Visual voicemails can help you narrow down a specific call from a previous date and enables features that can be added or deleted to your call logs.
  • Since these features are offered by top-tier VoIP providers, users can work from anywhere and still be able to use these features. 


UCaaS Review helps businesses to find the best top-tier VoIP service providers that not only offer uniquely extended features but also work in an affordable shade. This is because finding the best VoIP providers that offer all the latest and greatest features along with a user-friendly interface is pretty time-consuming and struggling. 


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