VoIP for Real Estate Firms

VoIP Phone System for Real Estate Companies

In the real estate business, communication is an important aspect. It determines the success of any real estate agent and can be used as a measure by most clients looking to purchase a property. Both sellers and buyers of properties want a company that offers prompt and reliable communication.

The use of VoIP phone systems is one of the trusted solutions to effective communication by real estate operators. The VoIP system offers communication over internet protocol and replaces traditional landlines. Unlike landline communication systems, VoIP systems are fully integrated with office tools and are highly mobile.

In a bid to impress clients and have an edge over competitors, leading real estate brands now use VoIP phones. These can be acquired by talking to VoIP phone companies and choosing a package that suits your needs. To find out more about VoIP keep on reading.

What is a Real Estate VoIP Phone System?

A real estate phone system is an internet-based communication system that is used by real estate companies to make and receive calls. The Internet-based communication system also offers other solutions such as sharing messages and other types of media. The reason why real estate phone systems are loved is their efficiency.

The phone system can be used in any place at any time and on diverse devices. This flexibility makes the VoIP business phone systems ideal for real estate companies. There are many reasons why all real estate companies should consider using a VoIP phone system.

Below are the top features and benefits of a VoIP business phone and the reasons why you should use one:

Hunt Groups for Efficient Call Responses

One of the main factors that most consumers look at before engaging any company is customer support and response rate. If a company is known to respond to customer concerns in a timely manner, it will enjoy much following. The idea of hunt groups is meant to streamline call response for real estate businesses.

With a VoIP business phone, you set up hunt groups and customize the order in which calls will be received. For instance, the incoming call might be sent to the manager but if the manager is busy, the call will be automatically be forwarded to the assistant manager. The order could continue down the pecking order.

This system ensures that anytime a client is calling, there will be a response even if the target recipient is busy. This feature of VoIP phones suits real estate agents who are mostly out of the office. In case you are out of the office, you want assurance that the calls coming in will not go unanswered.

Conference Calls

With VoIP phones, there is the benefit of call conferencing. Although some of the traditional phone systems may have some forms of call conferencing features, they do not match what VoIP offers. VoIP call conferencing features guarantee clarity of calls and can be used by diverse employees, even those out of the office.

All VoIP phone companies should be able to offer call conferencing systems. This is a feature that comes in handy for real estate agents. Given that most of the times agents are in the field showing properties, call conferences can help them keep in touch with the progress at the office all the time.

Internet Fax

The use of VoIP systems offers an advantage that traditional phones could not provide. That is the ability to send and receive virtual fax from clients. The best real estate VoIP systems should allow the users to send and receive a fax at a click of a button. This is a feature you will get when dealing with all the best VoIP services for business.

Auto Attendant Call Response

Many businesses have lost customers due to communication line congestion. The real estate business is one of the businesses categorized as high traffic in terms of incoming calls. All real estate agents are always busy on the phone. This is because clients have to keep calling to make inquiries to get things clear.

When you have such a busy calling base, it is important to have a reliable response every time a client calls. No one wants to hang on the line not knowing what to do or who to talk to. The auto-attendant feature provided by the VoIP business phone offers the right solution to this problem.

With call center business VoIP solutions the client is given a menu of options to choose from when they call. Statistically, up to 90% of customer concerns can be well addressed by an autoresponder system. The system could redirect clients to other resources or link them directly to an agent. This approach reduces cal volumes too.

Find Me/Follow Me

The “find me flow me” feature, is a good option for real estate agents. This feature allows users of call center business VoIP solutions to receive calls even when they are out of the office. All calls going to their desk could be set up to redirect to their cell phones. All the best VoIP services for businesses offer this key feature for agents.

On Hold, Listen to Some Music

Call waiting might be something we want to do away with but at times it has to happen. It is a fact that VoIP systems have helped most businesses cut down call waiting minutes. Even so, there are still instances when a customer may be required to wait in line.

All call center business VoIP solutions now offer features such as call holding music which can be helpful in keeping clients entertained. All the best VoIP services for businesses also use such features to help brands advertise their services. It is a win-win solution to the call hold menace.

High-Quality Calls

At the end of the day, having all these features without reliable communications is waste of time. Most people think that call center business VoIP solutions are not as good as satellite communication or landline. On the contrary, IP calls are high quality. As long as the internet connection is stable, the call quality is unmatched.

The best VoIP service for businesses beats landline and satellite communication in the fact that they are not affected by bad weather or other factors such as physical distance. Even in mountainous regions, the signal is still strong and communication is clear.

Affordable Calling Rates

The cost of making calls is something that businesses must consider strongly when choosing a communication system. The beauty of call center business VoIP solutions is that it cuts down the cost of communication significantly. Internet calls offered by the best VoIP service for business are way cheaper than other communication channels.

In most cases, these companies offer free local calls and may provide subsidized international calling rates. There are no cross-border connection fees when using VoIP systems. Such low calling rates help your business cut down the cost of operations to enhance profits.

Call Analytics

The other feature that makes real estate VoIP systems stand out is called analysis capability. With call center business VoIP solutions, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the business based on call data. In most VoIP systems, you will have an analysis tool that provides data on incoming calls, outgoing calls, and activity levels.

The best VoIP service for business should be willing to help you make sense of this information. The data could be used to make key business decisions and enhance performance. For instance, businesses get to know which departments perform the best and which ones are not performing.

Call Recording

In the real estate business, the number of calls made on a daily basis is huge. In some instances, the agents are likely to forget some of the key points discussed over the phone. When using real estate VoIP systems, the issue of forgetting names dates, and locations are not a problem.

All call center business VoIP solutions allow users to record calls and use the information at other times. If a client says something that you do not get well, you can go back to the recording and figure out what you missed. This is one of the best ways to ensure that clients are kept satisfied at all times.

Where to Get the Best Call Center Business VoIP Solutions?

It is a fact that call center business VoIP solutions are the way to go for real estate firms. In the modern world, it is impossible for a real estate firm to be competitive while still relying on old communication technology. The only problem is determining where to shop for the best VoIP service for business.

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