VoIP ProTip: Call Parking

As VoIP advances in features, it becomes even more easy and interesting to use. Statistically, most VoIP users barely use 50% of the features available. There are many beautiful features that VoIP users may want to utilize. One of the top features that are rarely utilized is call-parking.

Traditional call lines had what is known as call holding. With VoIP, this feature is referred to as call parking. As the name suggests, contrary to call holding where the caller had to wait in line, call parking leaves the caller within the phone system. Call parking users can get to communicate with a different call attendant.

Thanks to features such as call parking, VoIP ratings among users have been on an upward trend. To learn more about VoIP features and what VoIP has to offer in 2022, keep on reading.

What Are Business VoIP Ratings?

Business VoIP ratings refer to the overall opinion of VoIP users for specific business VoIP providers. There are different VoIP companies in the business. The service providers enjoy diverse ratings based on the features that each business VoIP provider has to offer. The ratings are usually changing and can get better or worse.

Experts predict that cloud communication solutions will offer more VoIP features for 2022. One of the features that is being seen to have much potential is call-parking. This is a feature where a call gets punted to your company’s cloud and assigned to its own extension. Such a call can be picked up by anyone on the phone system.

If the punted call is not picked, it will return to the initial line where it was parked. This ensures that there is continuous communication throughout the organization. This feature is necessary for busy businesses such as general retail stores.

Call parking has gained much popularity because of the following six benefits :

1. Anyone in the Business Can Pick up a Call From Any Phone in the System

When a call is parked, it can be picked by anyone from any phone in the system. This makes it easy to attend to customers that are calling from within or without the business. The fact that merely anyone from any phone can pick calls improves business VoIP ratings.

There will definitely be more VoIP features for 2022 but one that will remain on top is call parking. This makes service delivery quick and efficient. In case one agent at a call center is busy, the other agents can come in and offer assistance in receiving calls.

2. The Call Can Be Returned Back to the Original Extension if Not Picked

The top advantage of call parking over call holding is that with call parking other call center attendants have access to the parked call. This means that even if the person who put the call on hold is busy, other call center attendants can pick it.

Even more beneficial is the fact that if other attendants fail to pick the parked call in time, it will be returned to the original extension where it was received. This makes it easier for call center operators to manage the heavy flow of calls. This feature has definitely increased the overall business VoIP ratings.

3. The Call Being Held Doesn’t Tie Up Operator Lines

For those wondering why business VoIP ratings keep on skyrocketing, it is important to consider the beauty of features such as call parking. Users of VoIP get to enjoy full control over their line even when another call is on hold.

While it is okay for us to expect more VoIP features for 2022, one of the top features remains call-parking. It definitely makes the work of call attendants much easier and provides solutions that were not available to landline users.

4. Call Parking Improves Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, business VoIP ratings depend on customer satisfaction. Unless those calling your business are satisfied all the efforts made are useless. The beauty of call parking is that it promotes customer satisfaction in all ways.

Consider the fact that when people call into the business they expect their calls to be answered faster. Call holding usually means that people spent an hour in line, waiting for the call attendant to finish talking to other callers. With call parking, this is no longer necessary.

There is no need for more VoIP features for 2022 if businesses can use the available ones effectively. Callers can easily be received by other call attendants, hence making them feel valued and satisfied. Ideally, this feature alone can help cut call waiting times significantly.

5. Call Parking Helps Free Up Lines for Emergencies

All types of businesses have to deal with emergencies. The business VoIP ratings a VoIP service provider receives depend on the features that the provider offers to handle emergencies. All businesses should be given buttons to press in order to respond to emergencies. One of the buttons on VoIP is call-parking.

With call parking, an agent can put a less important call on hold and jump immediately to an emergency call if there is such a situation. This makes service delivery very smooth. These services are particularly ideal for businesses that deal with plenty of communications. Some systems also provide features that assign urgency to calls.

Where to Get More VoIP Features for 2022?

As cloud-based communication solutions advance, more businesses are starting to enjoy the available features. Even so, there is still a lot to be done to get VoIP users to utilize all the available features. Some of these features are the reason why business VoIP ratings have been high for a long time.

Unfortunately, understanding how VoIP works have been quite a problem for many players. Businesses are still struggling to grasp what VoIP is, yet the industry has already moved to UCaaS and other advanced cloud communications. At UCaaS Review, we can help you get a clear picture. Fill this contact form for more information.