Watch Out! Signs of a Bad VoIP Provider

VoIP is a highly effective communication channel for businesses of all sizes. It is primarily cost-effective and offers flexible plans to match the unique needs of different businesses. While there are plenty of upsides to investing in VoIP, you can only make the best use of it if you proceed with the right VoIP provider.

If you research the market, you will learn that there are some of the best VoIP providers and also the worst ones. Whether you benefit from hiring VoIP providers will depend on your selection. Therefore, it’s best to check unbiased VoIP reviews online to help you proceed with the right reviews like the ones available at UCaaS Review.

Let’s keep reading because if you do this, it will give you better clarity about the services provided by numerous VoIP providers, helping you to choose the best one for your specific needs and business. You can also look for common signs of the worst VoIP providers featured in this article to save yourself wasted time in the future.


What Are the 4 Signs of a Bad VoIP Provider?


If you pay close attention, it isn’t difficult to identify the best and worst. The shady VoIP business phone service providers have some common traits that can be considered red flags. One of the first things you can do is to go look up their business on the BBBs website and read what other people have to say about them on sites like Riddet or Quora.

You can also look at customer reviews on their own website if they “allow comments” and ask someone you know personally if they ever heard of this VoIP service provider and get their opinion, especially if they have a VoIP business phone at home or in their place of business.

The worst VoIP providers can be identified with the following four signs:


Sign #1: Contract Includes Hefty Penalties

Always check VoIP reviews online to determine the trustworthiness of the provider you’re contacting. Quick market research would show that most VoIP service providers are contract-free these days. So, if you come across a provider who includes a penalty clause in the contract, you should think twice before proceeding.

Genuine VoIP providers may, in fact, include a refund clause that promises to give back your money provided that you haven’t used over 50% of the allocated minutes in the first month. However, if the contract says, you will have to pay a hefty penalty if you close the contract before using 50% of the assigned minutes, you should think wisely.

Additionally, there are many cases where a bad VoIP service provider simply doesn’t offer any return policies at all, leaving you stuck with a contract or being forced to cut your losses and find a new provider that actually cares. Either way, it’s fruitless and a total waste of time, and this is why reading VoIP reviews is key.


Sign #2: They Didn’t Ask About Your Network

One thing you can learn from reading VoIP business reviews is never to trust VoIP service providers who didn’t ask you about your existing network. Not all networks can handle VoIP; therefore, if the provider you’re talking to isn’t interested in learning whether your network would support VoIP, he doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

If you want to collaborate with trusted professionals, providing quality service, check whether they voluntarily ask about your network quality in the first meeting. You can read some top VoIP reviews to understand what specific network-related questions the provider should be asking to gauge his trustworthiness and expertise.

This is especially important when you have a business that gets a high volume of calls and uses the internet for web conferencing and remote access for employees working at home or away from the office. Lastly, always make sure the VoIP service provider you are considering has network experience before you sign on the dotted line.


Sign #3: Reviews Look Suspicious

Checking reviews from previous clients is mandatory during the research phase. It helps you learn about the service quality of VoIP business phones. Service providers understand this crucial step; moreover, some shady providers try to manipulate potential clients by publishing spam reviews.

The worst VoIP providers will ensure they have positive reviews published on numerous sites. Nevertheless, there is a common mistake most of them make while furnishing fake reviews. They make all reviews look suspicious. If you doubt even one review you come across online, ask the VoIP provider to share more details.

Generally speaking, if something looks too good to be true it typically is, unless you dig into the truth and find the right answers you are looking for. You can avoid getting scammed and taken for a ride by avoiding suspicious-looking VoIP websites.


Sign #4: They Use Cheap Prices as Their USP

When VoIP service providers aren’t good at providing a particular service, they will try to close a deal based on the low prices they charge. Good things come at a good price, so you should avoid any VoIP provider who is stressing about the cheap prices more than the quality of service they provide.

A reliable VoIP provider will always focus on the value they bring to the table, rather than being the cheapest service provider in town. If their emails, phone calls, and personal visits all highlight ‘lower prices’ as their USP, you should look for a new provider. If you’re unsure, refer to VoIP reviews resources online to gain clarity.

These are a few signs of the worst service provider of VoIP. In addition to these signs, if you find the service provider acting weird and suspicious, you should consider it a red flag too. Generally, you will get the instincts within the first few meetings with their team members.


How to Avoid the Worst VoIP Providers?


Paying attention to the warning signs featured in this article will lower your chances of hiring the worst providers. The best VoIP providers leave little room for confusion and doubts: therefore, look for these attributes while interacting with any VoIP provider. Checking VoIP reviews online is another great way of being better informed.

You can always rely on UCaaSreview as a trusted source of unbiased reviews and information. We have a trusted team of experts who diligently check all the VoIP providers before publishing any VoIP reviews. It is all you need to gain clarity, knowledge, and the latest news that you should know while hiring a VoIP provider.

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