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What Are IP Conferencing Phones?

One of the popular modern communication tools is IP conferencing. Businesses and individuals find it necessary to make group calls that bring various people together on the call. Some of the phones may also offer video conferencing solutions.

IP conferencing simply refers to a phone that allows users to communicate over the Internet Protocol. The phone system is designed in such a way that it offers optimized communication for workers and teams in a meeting style. In most cases, such phones have video conferencing tools.

Due to the important role played by IP conferencing phones, they have become an important part of call center phone solutions in most businesses. Keep reading to learn more about his mode of communication.

What is the Best IP Video Conferencing?

The IP conferencing phones typically account for three key features. When shopping for the best IP conferencing device, check for each of these three features to determine the suitability of the phone system. Also, check user reviews to find out if the three features are functioning properly.

The key features of IP video conferencing are:

  • Seamless conversation.
  • Clear voice quality.
  • 360-degree microphone voice pickup.

For video conferencing solutions, the quality of voice and video are key factors to consider. Some types of phones prioritize voice over video. The features used depend on the setting in which the phone will be used. For instance, call center phone solutions tend to focus more on voice quality than video.

Below are the main types of IP conferencing phone solutions:

Conference IP Hard Phones

These types of phones are optimized for receiving voice at a 360 degrees angle. The phone is made in such a way that it can pick up voices from all corners of a room with quality clarity. Instead of having a receiver that lifts off the base like most call center phone solutions, it has a receiver on the body.

Key Features of conference IP headphones:

  • Optimized for voice call clarity.
  • Has 360-degree voice reception.
  • Has quality hardware for long-term use.

The phone has a body that is shaped up like a flat tripod with an inbuilt microphone. The phone also has inbuilt speakers which allow sharing calls with an entire room. It is optimized to pick voice from all corners of the room without picking echo from the incoming voice. This phone does not offer video conferencing solutions.

Conference IP Video Phones

Conference IP phones are probably the best IP video conferencing options. These types of phones are designed like the conference IP headphones in terms of their microphone and speakers but have a widescreen that allows for video calls. They were designed to offer an option for video conferencing solutions.

Key features of Conference IP Video Phones:

  • Optimized for 360-degree voice reception.
  • Offer video conferencing tools.
  • Can be used by a large team.

One of the features that stand out on most conference IP video phones is the quality of sound. Although they come with video conferencing equipment, they are highly optimized for voice. The main reason why they are ideal for voice is that they are popular call center phone solutions with inbuilt video conferencing software.


The last type and one of the most popular options is the softphone IP conferencing solutions. These simply refer to video conferencing app installed on a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or other devices. They are the most preferred video conferencing solutions due to their flexibility and convenience.

Softphones offer similar functionality to hard phones but do not need expensive investment in hardware. They can be attained by simply installing important software on a smartphone and using it. They are not the best call center phone solutions but are very ideal in terms of providing video conferencing tools.

Key Features of Softphones are:

  • They can be used on multiple devices including desktops and smartphones.
  • They are always cheaper to acquire than hard phones.
  • They tend to offer more features than hard phones since they allow chat, video, and voice conferencing.
  • They are easily accessible.

On the downside, most softphone solutions may fail to offer the voice quality provided by hard phones. In most cases, they do not have the 360-degree voice capability, something that can affect the quality of conversation.

Expert Video Conferencing Solutions

There are many types of video conferencing apps and phones available on the market. The problem is determining the best video conferencing app and finding a solution that works for your type of business. When shopping for video conferencing solutions, it is necessary to look at key features.

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