What is a Toll-Free Number and Do I Want One?

Cloud phones are one of the most popular ways for businesses to communicate and conduct conferencing over the phone. Many major enterprises and corporations use them every day and have become an integral part of business phone solutions. A VoIP toll-free number allows businesses to manage their customer calls more efficiently.

Having a VoIP business phone system with a toll-free number offers business owners a wide range of benefits and lowers monthly phone bills. There are several benefits to a toll-free VoIP phone number that can add more versatility and dynamics to enrich a company’s professional image and attract potential new customers from far away.

To learn more about VoIP business phones, toll-free numbers, and many key attributes of cloud technology with a VoIP service provider, continue reading.

What is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number can be rather easy to recognize. Many businesses market themselves or promote products by listing their toll-free number. The most recognized toll-free number in the world is the prefix 800; however, there are some other prefixes that are also toll-free phone numbers.

These toll-free phone number prefixes include the following:

  • 800
  • 833
  • 844
  • 855
  • 866
  • 877
  • 888

Toll-free phone numbers are a great way to reach a larger target audience and allow your customers to call your business without them incurring higher phone bills.


Do I Want One?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes if you’re a business owner who wants more customers and sales. A business today without customers is like a vehicle without gasoline, no matter how many times you turn the key it simply will not start or go anywhere fast.

Maintaining a solid track record, company image, friendly customer service, and outstanding customer relations is a key cornerstone in today’s dog-eat-dog world of competition. If your customers aren’t coming to you, they are taking their money to your top competitors.

VoIP cloud phonesTo remain profitable, you should have a VoIP business phone system with a toll-free phone number. The best business phone solutions increase your business’s brand loyalty and value while alerting you to your customer’s behaviors.

There are many direct benefits to having a VoIP toll-free phone number and can be set up without any hassles by using a VoIP service provider available at UCaaS Review.


7 Business Reasons for a VoIP Toll-Free Number

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for business phone solutions with toll-free numbers that bring plates of food to your table to help your company grow. If you’re a tough nut to crack and are still not convinced, UCaaS Review has added seven reasons to consider a toll-free number for your business in the list below.

Here are seven reasons why business owners should consider toll-free numbers with VoIP business phone solutions:


1. Improved Customer Service


At large, it’s not surprising that all organizations at their core need one thing – customers. This is why many large businesses invest tons of capital into customer relations and service channels and require the best VoIP business phones with toll-free numbers because they know neglecting them will drive them away.

Businesses that want brand loyalty and retain a solid customer base all need to improve their customer service game by optimizing and streamlining the proper channels that customers use to contact them. By using toll-free numbers, companies can introduce convenient communications for all parties involved.


2. Better Marketing Tools


Many businesses use business phone solutions for toll-free numbers as an better marketing tool and get better than expected results from their investments and campaigns. The reason is simple, it provides customers an easier way to reach out and get what they want which converts into better opportunities for sales leads.

If you are thinking about promoting a new product, then you need a VoIP business phone system with a toll-free number to up your game. You’ll be amazed at the incoming call flow and your sales staff with be busier than Santa’s elves at Christmas time and your trained workers can conduct the rest of the magic.


3. Portable Solutions


Have you thought about relocating your business, then one of the first things that would hit you like a ton of bricks is getting a new phone number, especially if you have been using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) which everyone knows as a traditional landline phone system with wires from your local telephone pole nearby.

Why go old school when you can jump to the cloud with a VoIP business phone system with toll-free numbers, especially if you have been using prehistoric phones older than dinosaurs? Not only are you running late like a pit stop to Dunkin on the way to the office, but you may also be missing the latte of customers trying to fill your cup.

By having a toll-free number, you can get portable solutions and have your old contacts integrated into your new VoIP toll-free number, ensuring you don’t miss one customer or sip of great-tasting coffee.


4. Enhance Your Brand Value


One of the biggest perks of a VoIP phone number with toll-free applications is it solidifies your brand image and enhances your value. As an illustration, let’s say you open a lemonade stand and your neighbor does the same thing. The customers line up but one day you get returning customers who have a problem with your lemonade.

They want to talk to you about the quality of your product but you just want them to buy another glass and divert their attention away from you and to the paying customers buying their first drink and your neighbor listens to them immediately and makes the buyers wait, it says you care more about the money than the liquid refreshments you are selling.

Therefore, you will lose valuable customers to the neighbor who puts his buyers first and your customers will leave you like a hot potato. Sooner or later, you will be making lemonade for yourself and your neighbor will have a new storefront downtown. So, having a toll-free number for your customer to reach you enhances your brand value.


5. Better Price Points


Regardless of what most business owners think, a VoIP business phone system with toll-free numbers is not that expensive. As a matter of fact, they are often less expensive than traditional landline telephone systems and come with a better price point and affordable monthly subscriptions.

You can instantly save on long-distance calls and even international calling due to your new VoIP phone system coming with several different monthly plans that includes everything under the sun and then some. Having a VoIP phone with a toll-free number allows unlimited incoming calls that go directly to your customer service department


6. Rich With Features


VoIP business phones with toll-free numbers are not a one-trick pony, rather, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know they come loaded with rich features. If you are using business phone solutions like UCaaS Review to link your company to a toll-free number, you can access rich features such as real-time analytics, monitoring, and call recording.

These rich features also help promote your business to collect important customer data and can be used as effective tools and marketing campaigns and drive future decisions, Data is very important to any company, and why they spend a robust amount of money on their data analysts to get their insights.

Having this kind of data at your disposal because you opted to get a VoIP business phone system with toll-free numbers at UCaaS Review is nothing short of having your own personal Tonka payloaders and trucks and goldmine.


7. Powered by Cloud Technology


The best business phone solutions for the future are already here on earth via cloud technology. Nowadays, new technology solutions like UCaaS Review that provide phone solutions, namely toll-free numbers with unlimited resources are powered by the cloud and its infinite technology.

Not only does this make toll-free numbers more affordable and trustworthy than a traditional hardware solution, but also makes the implementation of your new cloud phone easier to use; moreover, you give your business the latest tech and both you and your customers get the benefits that come with it, making this a sweet deal.

As you can see from the seven business reasons to get a VoIP toll-free number mentioned above, getting a VoIP business phone system today is a no-brainer.


Why Choose UCaaS Review?

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