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What is a Virtual VoIP Phone Extension?

Internet protocol calls have brought about a better, convenient, and cheaper communications solution for businesses. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can now compete on the same wavelength as large corporations in terms of communication solutions due to the low rates provided.

A VoIP phone extension is a new feature of virtual communications where a virtual phone number extension is used. This feature allows users to receive inbound calls on their smartphones which are forwarded when a person calls their virtual extension number. Virtual house extensions offer VoIP features offered by traditional VoIP.

Due to the enhanced features of VoIP technology, most users of extension numbers also get to enjoy the benefits they offer. Keep on reading to learn more about virtual a virtual phone number.

What is a VoIP Extension?

VoIP extension is a virtual phone number that is assigned to a user. The user can make calls via the phone number extension or receive calls. When calls are made to a virtual phone number extension, they are forwarded to the VoIP subscriber’s personal smartphone.

VoIP extensions are flexible phone solutions that are increasingly becoming popular. This is because the phone number extension offers full VoIP features with a few limitations. This is one of the new VoIP provider solutions that has already gained wide acceptance and is working well for businesses.

Benefits of VoIP Extensions

There are many benefits of using virtual phone number extensions at a personal and business level. Businesses can enjoy full VoIP features which include clear voice calls, voice mails, and recordings among others. There is also the option of getting a virtual house extension, which is a home use extension.

The new VoIP provider solutions can be used by all businesses but are ideal for small businesses. For people who work from home, it can be challenging to separate home numbers from office numbers. With virtual extensions, it is possible to receive office calls on the same device with a professional difference.

Below are the key benefits of VoIP number extensions

Make Calls to Other VoIP Extensions

The beauty of VoIP number extensions is that they can actually make calls to other extensions. These new VoIP provider solutions can be used to make and receive calls from all numbers including landlines, single-use phones, virtual numbers, and other virtual extension numbers.

When shopping for New VoIP provider solutions, remember that VoIP technology is now well advanced and can be used to make calls to most numbers even when using VoIP extension numbers. This is one of the important VoIP features for extension phone users.

Virtual Extensions Create an Impression a Larger and/or Unified Organization

When operating a small business or a home-based entity it is sometimes impossible to gain the trust of customers. Customers feel that they can trust your business if you sound and present yourself as a large organization. One of the ways to create such an impression is by using virtual phone extensions.

This VoIP technology is used by small businesses that do not have call centers to show an impression of an organized business with customer care call centers. With new VoIP provider solutions such as virtual number extensions, organizations can create an impression at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Extensions Help Create Local Impression

The other way of enjoying the value of virtual phone number extensions is by using the technology to create an impression of a local phone number. New VoIP provider solutions help businesses reach customers from other regions. Statistics show that 91% of customers prefer shopping from local businesses.

Why create the local impression:

  • Customers trust local brands
  • Customers are willing to pay more for trusted brands
  • It is easier to speak to customers in their language

If a business has a national or even international reach, it can use virtual extensions for specific localities. This way, customers from different localities feel comfortable shopping with a nationwide brand thinking that it is a local brand. This phone extension example shows the power of VoIP technology.

Discovering Better and New VoIP Provider Solutions

VoIP technology keeps on growing and evolving into new solutions. Discovering new VoIP provider solutions and opportunities is one way that businesses can improve their competitiveness. Phone extension numbers are among the new features that users of VoIP are now enjoying using.

At UCaaS Review, we know how phone extensions work and can help you use this new technology. Virtual phone extension features are diverse and provide plenty of benefits for users. If you wish to enjoy features such as international calling among others, fill our contact form and we will get back to you with a quote.