What is Call Parking?

Call Parking is a unique feature involving a private network in the cloud that’s designed to manage multiple incoming calls without any trouble. Generally, this unique feature is a part of unified communication platforms or VoIP business phones system that helps to put someone on hold so that anyone in the organization can pick up the call.

Placing calls in the park are similar to a call forwarding or call holding system in traditional phones but with one critical difference. Contrary to call forwarding where the call is sent to a specific number only, call parking of VoIP phone systems enables multiple people in the organization to pick up the call.

Let’s continue reading to discover more about the best-rated VoIP service and how it works with call parking.


What is VoIP Call Forwarding?


VoIP call forwarding is another feature of VoIP business phones that enables users to direct incoming calls to another phone number or any device. Unlike traditional call forwarding, VoIP allows you to make the feature tailored to your unique requirements to route calls to your desk phones, voice mails, or personal phones.


Call Forwarding Features


Since employees can’t always remain in the office to pick up the calls, VoIP call forwarding features can be relied on by organizations regardless of their size and scale to answer calls flawlessly without any interruption. This feature ensures that your team is accessible at any time and prevents any missed business opportunities.


Call Parking Features


Call forwarding with VoIP call parking features can give workers and customers remote access to your business phone system and even allows your employees to enter into secure departments, eliminating loss of sales due to a missed voice message or phone call from a potential new customer or sales lead.


Extended Business Features


There are several benefits of VoIP call forwarding for businesses that want a competitive edge in today’s dog-eat-dog world of fierce online competition as well as television ads that target specific demographics and age groups. Having VoIP with call parking features can keep your company ahead of the wolf pack and avoids lost revenues.

These include:

  • With the feature of call forwarding VoIP phones, you can create custom schedules for forwarding calls based on holidays, business hours, or caller IDs.
  • Forward incoming calls effortlessly to any phone number, extension, device, or even personal cell phone without any hassle.
  • With the best VoIP service provider and its unique feature, you can reduce the number of missed calls while agents are away.
  • This feature works significantly well for companies with shared responsibilities of calling as it distributes incoming calls based on employee availability.


Above a just a few benefits of VoIP call forwarding. However, there might be confusion on whether to choose call forwarding or call parking as both are designed to help organizations increase their customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, let’s keep on reading to understand this in more detail and clearer understanding.


Is Call Parking Better Than Call Forwarding?


Call Parking provided by the best-rated VoIP service provider is undoubtedly one of the useful methods for putting callers on hold without wasting their precious time. Ultimately, unlike call forwarding where the call is transferred to a specific number, call parking is a feature that parks multiple phone calls in a communal spot.


Outbound and Inbound Calls


Both outbound and inbound calls can be parked using this feature and then answered by any team member within the organization. In certain cases, the call parking feature provided by VoIP phone systems generally works better than call forwarding. Companies with work fleets can benefit from call parking and VoIP features.


Pinpoints Users Location


Call forwarding features with VoIP are useful when the caller needs to talk to a certain agent but when the agent is already overloaded with too many calls, it leads to long wait times. Moreover, call parking uses the employee’s availability more efficiently to reduce the wait time and increase customer satisfaction.

There are a few other perks of call parking features provided by the best VoIP service provider that includes:


  • More Collaborative: Usually, the call parking features provided by the best-rated VoIP service provider are far better than the call-holding system. It’s because putting a call on hold means that only that particular agent can resume the call while in call parking any specialized agent can retrieve the call.
  • Reduced Voicemails: Nobody wants to tap into their voicemails and listen to them. Rather, people prefer the call parking feature more as it expands the pool of call center agents available to pick up the call and provide the necessary support.
  • Integrate With IVR: The best part of using a call parking system provided by the best-rated VoIP service provider is that it enables users to integrate the feature within the IVR system to automate the entire process. IVR phone systems with VoIP are one of the most widely used communication applications today.

In the end, call parking is deemed more beneficial than call forwarding. Nevertheless, it’s better to take your organization and its requirements into consideration to make a wise decision when looking for the best VoIP service provider on planet earth. UCaSS Review is the nations leading pioneer in today’s best source of vetted VoIP vendors.


Where Can I Go for the Best-Rated VoIP Service?


Although VoIP call forwarding and call parking both are useful features, the perks of these features can be yielding at the best when you opt for top-tier VoIP service providers. This is what most people and businesses struggle with but if you’re here struggling to find a top-tier VoIP provider, UCaaS Review is here to help.

We offer unbiased and detailed reviews of all the best VoIP providers available in the market to help you make the best decision by comparing multiple service providers. To get the most out of any business phone system, it needs to work as advertised and not be a hindrance but more of an asset to your company and reputation.

Contact us today and discover how VoIP call parking and VoIP call forwarding can make a difference in how your company communicates.

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