What is IVR?

So, what is IVR? IVR is known as interactive voice response and is an automated telephony system that allows business employees and customers to interact with each other through touch-tone dialing or voice commands. The best IVR systems provide basic interactions for users without the need for a human operator.

With an IVR system, you can have all incoming calls easily routed to the appropriate department or representative. It utilizes a series of options and menus to guide callers until they reach the right agent and get to talk to them. Therefore, instead of being tossed around like a yoyo, your customer gets to speak to someone experienced.

To discover the benefits of outsourcing your IVR system, how it works, and the many reasons why most businesses are using IVR with VoIP phone systems, continue reading this post by UCaaS Review.

How Do the Best IVR Systems Work?

The best IVR systems work by automatically assisting and routing calls based on user responses and can be digitally generated voices or pre-recorded audio files. With these responses, callers can communicate by using a voice telephone input or touch-tone keypad.

These responses from an IVR system take the form of voice and callback for related media forms such as sending a text or email alert. The features of VoIP phone systems with IVR can be used without requiring a live operator, leaving your agents to spend more time assisting customers than redirecting their calls.

Why Do Businesses Outsource Their IVR System?

At large, customers always want to talk to a live agent as opposed to an automated telephony system. They like talking to a real person as fast as possible but with larger companies, a number of employees would be needed to redirect the caller to the right department. An integrated phone system with IVR takes the place of that requirement.

However, some people don’t want to talk to anyone but with the advent of advanced communication technologies such as IVR systems combined with the prevalence of available online support resources like live chat options or FAQs on a business website, customers can rely on more self-service options with fewer personal interactions.

According to an online survey, almost 70% of participants said they would rather resolve their issues themselves and skip the human intervention. Moreover, approximately 65% reported they preferred searching for answers by using a company’s digital channels rather than calling its customer service support hotline.

Here are two key trends to consider when searching for the best IVR systems and designing your business call center:

  • Companies making the shift toward utilizing digital sources rather than conventional call centers, means that businesses should take advantage of the digital transformations to stay current and relevant.
  • All customers love self-service. Having a VoIP phone system with IVR technology allows your company to achieve this goal. VoIP phone systems easily integrate with interactive voice response systems.

With that said, how do those two trends above relate to your business? Let’s take a closer look at an IVR system powered by VoIP technology.

What is IVR to Your Business?

If your business receives a robust amount of incoming calls, the timelines and flow of customer service become paramount for your customers. The best IVR systems offer exceptional call center services while reducing the time your employees spend on the phone trying to solve problems and enhances user experience.

In the end, having a VoIP phone system with IVR helps live agents care for your customer needs. It can prioritize customer calls that require an urgent solution and improves the customer experience with faster resolution times.

From a technical standpoint, IVR systems consist of the following:

  • A reliable data base
  • Telephony equipment
  • Support infrastructure
  • IVR software applications

It’s also been shown that businesses with an automated telephony system coupled by IVR technology retain more customers for repeat business and experience fewer dropped calls by frustrated callers.

How Do the Technical Advatages of IVR Work for Your Business?

To begin, a computer must be connected to your business’s telephone line. Next, IVR software will have to be installed onto your computer. After that, a specific piece of hardware called a telephony card or telephony board is required to run the IVR system that handles the technology on your calls.

Below are some details that illustrate the requirements needed for a successful IVR:

Application/Web Server: This is where your IVR software is hosted.

Databases: IVR applications that can access real-time information.

TCP/IP Network: This is the network that provides internet connectivity.

Kindly note, the best IVR systems require a telephone system to operate. Therefore, if you have decided to implement IVR into your business call center operations, it’s always a good idea to integrate with the right call center software capable that comes with the IVR feature.

IVR System Call Center Features

An IVR system produces a more structured customer experience when they communicate with your contact center. VoIP phone systems with IVR capabilities are available with the best VoIP service providers at UCaaS Review.

Here are some IVR features that can complement your business call center services:

  • Skill-based routing
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Time-based routing or business hours
  • Ring groups, call routing, and callback number

Naturally, each IVR business system can be customized to suit your company’s needs. The bottom line is most businesses today receiving significant call volumes can’t afford not to have the latest advancements in VoIP technology and IVR systems.

Where to Get the Best IVR Systems?

The best IVR systems can be found at UCaaS Review with our trusted VoIP service providers. With the best VoIP phone system and IVR features, you can increase your company’s performance and improve your customer experience.

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