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What UCaaS Can Offer Your Business

Unified Communications as Service UCaaS is quickly becoming popular and a go-to solution for most businesses. Both small and medium enterprises find UCaaS more attractive for many reasons. 

The term “as a service” makes the difference between UCaaS and other forms of communication solutions. UCaaS is offered as a service by some of the best UCaaS providers. These VoIP service providers offer all the required infrastructure, allowing businesses to operate freely. Thankfully, UCaaS services are available easily.

To fully understand what UCaaS has to offer to businesses, it’s important to compare it with free business VoIP and other communication solutions. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Business VoIP Provider?

A business VoIP provider is a company that offers infrastructure such as software and backend support for voice over internet communications. Businesses that can not afford expensive in-house infrastructure find low-cost business VoIP more attractive due to its simplicity and reliability.

There is a small difference between VoIP service providers and the best UCaaS providers. The UCaaS provider offers more features while the VoIP service provider only deals with voice services. Ideally, the UCaaS service provider offers communication solutions that are fully comprehensive.

Components of UCaaS

There are several factors that stand out for UCaaS customers that are of importance. The best UCaaS providers offer plenty of features that support different levels of communication. Similar to business VoIP and other VoIP service providers, UCaaS offers a mix of communication methods, available in various packages.

Below are some of the key components of UCaaS that are of benefit to businesses:

  • Telephony services
  • Instant messaging and chat services
  • Video conferencing and web conferencing
  • Screen sharing and file sharing with coworkers
  • Email messaging services
  • Contact management systems
  • Collaborative tools and CRM
  • Voicemail services

These components are just a few of what UCaaS customers get. What a customer can get from a UCaaS service provider is endless. Unlike VoIP companies that only offer voice communication, UCaaS for business allows users to enjoy a wide range of features at a click of a button. 

Does In-house UC Offer Value For Money?

Even though companies have the opportunity of dealing with the best UCaaS providers, many customers still ponder about the possibility of having full control over the system. For an organization to fully control UC, the infrastructure and system must be in-house. If the system is in-house, few factors come to play.

First, an in-house system requires a 24-hour team, dedicated to its management. Secondly, any business enjoying business VoIP may not be ready to invest heavily into infrastructure. This is the reason why most small businesses would rather avoid in-house systems and choose flexible VoIP business plans.

Building a UC in-house would cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, money that is not readily available to small businesses. Even so, it is possible for businesses with sufficient funds to build an in-house system. With an in-house system, the company gets full control over communication.

Sourcing the Best UCaaS Providers for Business VoIP

Most businesses and other organizations are caught right in the middle of the conversation about UCaaS. Although some have made the bold step to migrate from landline to VoIP or UCaaS, most entities are still not sure which option works the best. For the VoIP business plans, you must deal with reputable VoIP companies.

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