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What Your IT Department Needs to Know Before Choosing a VoIP Service?

As a business owner, whenever you are considering an upgrade in your infrastructure and IT department, enterprise VoIP reviews for large-scale companies and a VoIP business review for small to midsize businesses are paramount as well as understanding the advantages and features of the VoIP service provider.

There are many advantages of changing your conventional PBX phone systems over to a VoIP business phone system. VoIP enterprise phone systems provide robust cost savings, easier management, and functionality and are good reasons to transition from a legacy system to a cloud-based system.

To learn more important factors to consider when your IT department is wanting more from their business phone lines and thinking about making the switch to VoIP, continue reading this comprehensive guide brought to you by UCaaS Reviews.

What is a VoIP Enterprise Phone System?

VoIP enterprise phone systems are formerly known as an unified communication system generally engineered for medium to large corporations and businesses. With that said, most large-scale corporations deploy an enterprise VoIP solution rather than a traditional landline telephone system to increase their bottom line and lower cost.

Factors to Consider for an Enterprise VoIP Solution

The enterprise VoIP reviews available at UCaaS Review can help any business owner make an educated decision about the best VoIP service provider. An effective enterprise VoIP solution can save large corporations hundreds of dollars on their monthly phone bill.

Here are four factors to consider for IT departments seeking VoIP enterprise phone systems:

1. Unified Services

Landline business phones have given rise to the more popular cloud-based systems with unified communications as a system (UCaaS) being the forerunner of that evolution. Rather than involving several providers for varying services, company’s today can find all of their phone communication needs by enlisting one VoIP service provider for an integrated communications platform.

Feature Benefits of a UCaaS System

There are several benefits of a unified system, beginning with the ease of features that transcend directly to your employees needs with everything for online meetings to team messaging and collaboration and video conferencing. Unified communications are more flexible and scalable than traditional telephone systems.

A VoIP business phone system doesn’t depend on specialized technical support for basic functions such as reconfiguring existing systems or adding extra users. UCaaS is easily configured by existing employees from a mobile device or computer. Managing your monthly costs are easier too with pricing from a single VoIP service provider.

Ask the Right Questions

After you read a VoIP business review, asking the right questions can help you make the switch to a VoIP enterprise phone system and provides the answers you need to get the most benefits for your business, regardless of company’s size. Discovering the right VoIP plan can boost productivity, expand your communication capabilities and save you money.

2. Third-Party Integrations

Even with the help of enterprise VoIP reviews, IT departments and business owners need to factor in the other services your company already uses. If you don’t have third-party integration services, a significant amount of time could be spent on re-creating or migrating existing business data to another product.

Integrating Systems

Regardless if it’s Dropbox, Google Workspace, Salesforce, or another product, it’s essential to ensure that your VoIP enterprise phone system allows for integrations with your existing services. Third-party integrations are a key part for existing IT departments considering making the switch to a VoIP service provider.

3. Mobile Apps

Another key factor to consider for a VoIP enterprise phone system are mobile apps that allow a remote workforce to stay connected to your business without losing any time or money as many companies have gone to remote workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe in early 2020.

Compare Mobile App Features

When browsing a VoIP business review, compare mobile app features from one VoIP service provider to the next. Call forwarding is a basic feature available on both legacy and cloud-based phone systems; therefore, make sure the VoIP service provider offers business class SMS, advanced voicemail, faxes, and call recording.

Experienced Mobile App Service

Furthermore, every enterprise and large organization always requires more than just call forwarding, so make sure to select a VoIP service provider that comes with experience for mobile users. Enterprise VoIP reviews are the best way for IT departments to compare existing phone systems to VoIP integrations.

4. Features and Costs

There are many factors and costs to consider for businesses thinking about VoIP enterprise phone systems for their IT department. Saving money on telephone bills is always a key component when considering the features of an enterprise VoIP solution.

A Significant Savings

When compared to conventional landline telephone systems, one good look at the pricing of a VoIP business review can show you that a VoIP system is significantly lower in costs; however, always consider the features and make sure they are included in your monthly service plan.

Look for Hidden Fees for Extra Features

Always look for hidden fees for extra features and make sure they are not an extra cost on top of your monthly VoIP service plan. Additionally, the location of where you conduct your business matters when considering extra features such as international calling, especially when your company only places phone calls from domestic locations.
Moreover, having a VoIP service plan that costs more international calls when you don’t need them doesn’t make business sense. When comparing VoIP providers, it’s always good to know what features your company needs and the ones you can do without.

Benefits of Enterprise VoIP Reviews

Whenever you are considering a VoIP enterprise phone system for your IT department, features and customer service ratings are important. Conducting a thorough inquiry about the top-rated enterprise VoIP reviews can make a huge difference in your quest for an effective cloud-based phone system that does everything you need it to do.

Here are some perks of conducting a solid VoIP business review:

  • You get to compare prices from VoIP service provider to another and see the available features such as call forwarding and video conferencing.
  • Remote access is always paramount for employees as well as your IT staff. Having access to calls from remote devices such as smartphones and tablets for your workers and even your customers can make a huge difference in lost productivity or sales.
  • Call recording and answering services are another key aspect to a solid enterprise VoIP solution and having access to your messages isn’t a problem with cloud VoIP technology.
  • In the end, enterprise VoIP reviews ensure that you are well-informed about the different features and services of each VoIP provider and your IT department gets the proper connections without any extra hidden fees or service rates.

Where to Read a Vetted VoIP Business Review?

UCaaS Review provides the best VoIP service providers and offers a comprehensive overview of each VoIP business review. If you’re IT department is considering making a switch from a legacy system to VoIP enterprise phone systems, call us today or request a free quote for more information.

Here at UCaaS Review, our professional VoIP representatives can help your IT department get matched to the right enterprise VoIP solution each and every time.