What’s the Difference Between Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers?

VoIP business phones have revolutionized the telephony world not only for the better but because a VoIP system helps businesses cut operational costs. They also feature excellent call quality, the flexibility of remote calling, better reliability, and other unique features to help businesses to grow exponentially.

However, when companies opt for a VoIP phone system, there’s another critical decision that needs the utmost attention, and that is to choose between fixed or non-fixed VoIP numbers. Both these numbers use the same VoIP technology but they come with their own set of pros and cons.

The primary difference between the non-fixed and fixed VoIP numbers isn’t that complex. It depends solely on a business’s needs when it comes to choosing any of these two options. Keep reading this article to discover more about fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers.


What is a Virtual Phone Number?reverse phone number lookup

Since VoIP allows users to make and receive phone calls from any remote location with just an internet connection, the popularity of virtual phone numbers is on the rise. It often strikes people like a slap of bologna up against their heads and leaves them wondering where’s the cheese and exactly what is a virtual phone number.

Contact Anyone in the World

Broadly speaking, a virtual phone number offers the opportunity to contact anyone across the globe using any internet-connected device. Along with the flexible communication options, a virtual phone number or also known as a VoIP phone number has been a life savior for many small to mid-sized businesses.


Gives Your Business the Edge

Business today are faced with stiff online competition and if you can’t run with the big dogs, you might as well lay around and stay on the porch and take a nap because leading merchants nowadays truly rely on a telephone system for operational efficiency that works and does everything they need it to do and gets the biggest bones.


Safe in the Cloud

These numbers are basically originated in the cloud and then it is linked to your preexisting phone number. Since it relies on an internet connection, there’s no need to be tied up to only a specific device at home or the office. You can also use any device with just the internet to make and receive calls.

In the end, there are two types of phone numbers you can get: fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers. Let’s keep reading more to understand the difference between these two a little bit better.


What’s a Fixed & Non-Fixed VoIP Number?

Fixed VoIP phone numbers are typically attached to a specific physical address. It’s still an internet-based phone line but assigned to a physical address and to an end user. Since it’s linked to a physical address, these numbers are easier to trace and it’s unlikely to find these numbers related to any fraudulent activity.

It’s important to note, businesses that want to increase their reliability and establish themselves as trustworthy brands should opt for a fixed VoIP number. Since VoIP non-fixed numbers are not linked to any physical addresses. Therefore, any geographical location can be associated with a non-fixed VoIP number.

Also, remote businesses that serve a global audience and don’t have a physical location can choose a non-fixed number. You can still get your local number with the area code with a non-fixed number. This helps remote businesses to manage their remote teams without bearing the costs of a physical location.

The primary differences between the two are as follows:

  • The main difference is that a fixed VoIP number requires a physical address while a non-fixed number doesn’t require one.
  • Fixed VoIP numbers are more expensive than non-fixed VoIP numbers.
  • Fixed VoIP numbers are more authentic than non-fixed numbers.
  • You will get pricier international calls with a fixed number while non-fixed numbers are great for making a lot of international calls.


These are just some of the basic differences between fixed VoIP phone numbers and non-fixed VoIP numbers. Basically, they both offer pros and cons and use the same VoIP technology. Depending on your requirements, you should choose one that best suits your business needs and works within your company budget.


Interesting VoIP Facts

Now that businesses are getting more familiar with VoIP business phones, there are a few interesting VoIP facts that you should know about. Knowing these interesting facts will help you get to know VoIP technology more closely and choose reliable VoIP service providers accordingly that work in unison with your business.

Here are some of these interesting VoIP facts:


  • VoIP can decrease international call costs by 90%, letting businesses grow exponentially without increasing their budget.
  • The best thing is that you can make automated phone calls with VoIP because it comes with scheduled call features.
  • Over 50% of IT managers now think that VoIP is essential for business expansion.
  • Voice-over-internet protocol is one of the fastest-growing technology used by businesses.


Above are some of the interesting VoIP facts that allow users to know more about this technology. Still, it’s important to choose trusted VoIP service providers to ensure you reap all the benefits such as the ones available at UCaaS Review.


The Benefits of VoIP Business Phones


There are many features that come with a VoIP phone number such as remote access to your company’s computer system, retrieving voice mail messages, replaying a voice message, call forwarding, reading email messages from customers and staff as well as a number of special features not available on standard landline telephone service.

Since the global pandemic of COVID-19 in the early days of 2020, many businesses were forced to send their employees home and work remotely. This sparked a tidal wave of new and more economic ways to still employ workers and keep companies afloat while the disease poured water into the hulls of many boats.

During this stage, VoIP service providers saw a rise in the storm and capitalized on businesses needing a more secure way to handle their communication channels and implemented VoIP phone systems into their infrastructure, and kept a large portion of their workforce at home working remotely.


How to Get a Trusted VoIP Virtual Phone Number?


Whether you opt for a fixed or non-fixed VoIP number, both of them will empower your business to work flawlessly and from anywhere in the world. Your team can collaborate using the voice calling feature, team chat, video conferencing, and more. Ultimately, with a unified platform like VoIP, you can manage everything readily and easily.

Since it’s important to choose a reliable VoIP service provider, UCaaS Review is here to help you out. We offer unbiased and in-depth reviews of VoIP business phones, VoIP facts, and more to help you make smart business decisions. Contact us today to know more about these VoIP technologies for fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers.

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