Which is Better: Live Chat or Phone Support?

l communication channel offered by the best VoIP providers for small businesses, keep on reading.

What is the Difference: Live Chat vs Phone Support?

Before you start looking for VoIP call center solutions or live chat feature providers, we suggest knowing the exact difference between the two. It will help you learn more about the pros and cons, making it easier for you to choose the right communication channel.

Here are three reasons that make sense:

  1. Many times people get stuck on the page and do not know what they are looking for exactly due to the layout of some websites or have specific questions about a product or service, having instant access to either live chat or phone support can oftentimes save the browser time and frustration from scouring every page on a website.
  2. This makes the process smoother and more pleasurable for the next time they visit or come back to buy another product or service your business offers, making your platform the place they want to go each and every time they need something.
  3. People today love the convenience of shopping online and getting their questions answered in the shortest time possible and combined with stellar customer service, generally wins them over for life.

While there are many different reasons why both phone support and live chat are used, the services provided can help save wasted time looking for something you don’t know or are unfamiliar with.

The primary differences between phone support and live chat are shared below:

Support Type


Live chat support provided by the best VoIP providers for small businesses offers proactive support. It means you can reach out to potential customers as they are browsing your website instead of waiting for them to reach out. This gentle and timely nudge can help customers make a purchase by removing their doubts at the right time.

On the other hand, phone support provided by any VoIP call center solutions offers reactive support. It means that you can only provide assistance to customers when they need it. You cannot budge them with pop-up notifications while they are browsing your website.

If you prefer providing reactive support over proactive support, search for the best VoIP service providers offering the service. UCaaS Review provides the best information on today’s leading pioneers in VoIP technology and comes with comprehensive details about each provider and breaks the services down so you can easily understand them.

Resolution Type


Live chat is an excellent feature offered by Small business VoIP providers for addressing customers’ queries instantly through an agent. It can be viewed as a viable self-service alternative where customers have to flip to a new tab to seek answers. Live Chat is often a lifesaver for many people who need answers now.

Alternatively, phone support by the best VoIP providers for small businesses gives customers a better and more personalized experience. Many feel it is better to talk to a person over a phone call than to get responses in the form of text and often turn to things on the page that work when they want answers fast and promptly.

Hearing another person on a call is calming to some and makes it easier for them to solve all their queries at once. You can provide premium phone support to customers through professional VoIP business phones combined with cloud technology, it’s no surprise that many businesses nowadays are using VoIP rather than traditional landline telephones.


Analytics & Analysis Provided


The biggest advantage of using live chat offered by any top-rated VoIP call center solutions is that it takes up lesser storage space than phone call records. Since communication through live chat is mostly textual, it is easy to analyze the storage records, increasing workplace productivity and loss of downtime.

Some of the VoIP service providers also allow you to search for specific conversations by looking for a particular keyword. This data can be used to tweak company processes and train new customer support agents, making your company more productive and offering your customers better-trained support agents.

On the other hand, phone support can be used to get in-depth analytics. You can review all previously-stored phone support calls to gain better insights into customer needs, customer pain points, customer psychology, and much more.

Additionally, if you are using VoIP with a call center, gaining insights into your customer’s minds can become easier with the right VoIP cloud phones for both small and large businesses and even enterprises and service providers.


Challenges of Live Chat & Phone Support

Both live chat and phone support by VoIP business phones have certain advantages, but they also have particular challenges. For example, in the case of live chat, the live chat support agents can easily get distracted while trying to multitask or talk to multiple customers simultaneously.

Using phone support also comes with unique challenges especially if you’re not using the top-rated VoIP call center solutions. For example, customers look forward to fast support but getting over a call is often a time-consuming process. Typically, it starts with an auto attendant, followed by a waiting period for the agent to come.

Since both communication channels have pros and cons, it’s better to have a thorough understanding of both. Besides, there are the best VoIP providers for small businesses available to help. Still, it can be confusing to pick the right provider, especially without knowledge. This is why UCaaS Review is here to help you out.


Where to Find the Best VoIP Call Center Solutions?

If you are looking for exceptional and the best VoIP providers for small business, you should look for options on a well-known and reliable review website. UCaaS is a trusted source of information for millions worldwide, offering exhaustive reviews on different VoIP providers with a detailed overview of each company.

Picking the right VoIP call center solutions can make massive improvements in your customer support processes and also increase your customer retention rate. We have helped countless people make informed decisions by providing them with a detailed comparison between various VoIP providers.

For more information about VoIP with Live Chat or Phone Support for your business, contact us today and see why so many people love VoIP phones.You must invest in a proper communication channel if you run any business that requires seamless communication with your clients, customers, or business leads. While the market offers plenty of communication channels, the live chat feature on the website and phone support are the two most popular options.

While some prefer getting instant replies from a business via the live chat support feature, others still prefer talking to a person over a phone call for a personalized experience. It is why many businesses still prefer utilizing the services from small business VoIP providers to smoothen customer communications.

Since not everyone can incorporate numerous communication channels due to the associated costs, it’s best to pick the channel that fulfills your requirements. To know more about the idea

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