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To the majority of internet users, the speed of connectivity is measured to be the most crucial factor. This is particularly true for every business online as speed determines efficiency. Putting together expectations and goals are highly reliant on how fast their internet connection is. One of the more vital ways to get faster connectivity is to perform an internet speed test. You would want clean and precise test results of your connectivity and you can only attain this if the only program running within your system is your speed test.

Current technological developments have made it possible to make phone calls right from your computer without requiring phone lines. The internet speed you are in operation on, however, establishes how smooth the calls are. You will also be authorized to resolve speed-related issues all through VoIP calls; you may have never known had you not guided to your connectivity to a consistent internet speed test. It will always pay to know your speed! Check with the speed test now!

Why Test Your Network?

If you believe that the speed of your internet connectivity is not what it be supposed to be. You can search through here that will allow you to verify the speed of your connectivity. Someone will be able to find out the real speed that one is getting in relation to the speed that his internet connectivity is specified for.

Not every time that one will be able to get to the provisioned speed as there are additional factors to think. This does not basically mean though that you are receiving less than your money’s worth. You can enjoy a number of advantages when you focus your connectivity to your internet speed here.

Testing Network Speeds

The speed test will deliver accurately determine your throughput and provide you assurance as to whether or not you are really getting the speed that you have paid for VoIP hardware along with network configuration for your business. Both your download along with upload speed will be tested to present you with your total speed rate.

Upload and Download Speed

You may get a higher throughput rate for your download as compared to your upload. This is usual, as you can’t expect an equal speed rate for equally download and upload. The download speed rate is more important than the upload speed rate as this is the purpose that is most frequently used.

When you have obtained a precise reading of your speed with test my internet speed test, you will be able to know if you require certain troubleshooting steps to amplify your speed.


The Internet speed test that we offer is a complete and inclusive test that improves not just your download time but also your upload time as well. Together of these factors are combined into one integer and now that all services are gotten by means of this same test, there is now a widespread standard.

Internet speed plays a vast role in your browsing practice on the web and whether you are abiding by the internet connection for your personal requirements or for business needs, you certainly want to have a smooth and enjoyable experience every time. As a business, you cannot pay to have slow speeds if you wish to have the highest efficiency in the end.

Check your firmware and/or driver for your router or modem

Every now and then it is the modem or the router or yet the network adaptor that’s affecting the slow speeds. The firmware or driver intended for your modem or router possibly will no longer be up to date, which calls for a number of updates. Companies that make these devices are for all time finding ways to recuperate the performance of their products by means of updating the software that goes by them. A straightforward driver or firmware update can work great in improving your internet speed.

Improve your access point

Occasionally the connection is slower while the computer you’re by means of is not connected directly to your broadband and is in its place linked via Wi-Fi. If you live in an extremely populated city, there could be a bunch of Wi-Fi installations in your vicinity, which may be affecting interference. If that’s what’s resulting in the sluggish connection, try to alter the channel of your router. Check for instructions on how to do it.

Find out what your bandwidth speed is

We have these tests for you to take so as to determine if there is a problem on your server that is causing the slowdown. Computer slowdowns can from time to time occur due to a bad connection by the server and sometimes you will find that your speed differs depending on the time of day. Congestion on the web can sternly slow down your computer’s performance and can occasionally annoy you to no end.

More flexibilities for Increased Speed

Many people don’t know however is that they have more tools at their clearance than ever to bring them more speed for their computer even as on the Internet. This denotes that Internet users that still make use of a standard dial-up service don’t have to transform their service provider to kick it up a notch by regards to speed. It as well means that Internet users that have the most recent broadband service can take it even additionally with new fast improvement tools and technology.

We are now online services that focus on helping Internet users get the utmost amount of speed possible form their Internet service and the first step that they present is an Internet speed test. Unlike older Internet speed tests that had only known the speed of downloads, these new tests make a total purpose, by testing the speed of uploads with downloads combined.

Newer is Better

The old way of testing Internet speed was pretty simple. A file of known size was transferred and as it was performed the time it took to do so was recorded and it was as simple as that. With our new way, however, that is far more precise and also far less time-consuming.

Increase Your Speed

It is done in the course of an online service. What the service does is to drive your computer a package of data that your computer afterward sends back to them. In this way of precise reading of your actual Internet speed is determined. Why do you need to be familiar with your Internet speed? Once you know your Internet speed then you can start on to take action to increase it. As you do these things, then you can go back to recheck your Internet speed to provide any improvements that include or have not taken place.

Clean your machine

Occasionally the culprit for the slow speeds is some malicious viruses, spyware or malware on your computer. Get rid of these wrongdoers by running your anti-virus program. You must also clear your browser of cookies, cache, along with browsing history.

Importance of Doing a Regular Internet Speed Test for VoIP

Doing normal speed tests on your internet is vital for many practical reasons. For one, doing normal speed tests allows you to measure whether your quoted speed is supplied to you or not. If you were initially quoted by a download speed of up to 12 Mbps with an upload speed of up to 1 Mbps, confirm that this is delivered continually and consistently even after your first few months of subscription have been over and done. It is one way to prove that you are receiving what you paid for. If after a number of tests, you find that the internet speed you are getting is less than the given quotation of 12 Mbps for download as well as 1 Mbps for upload, you can report it directly to the company for troubleshooting.

With our constant internet speed tests, you are familiar with where the delays or the problems with your connection are coming from. After a year of good and fast internet connection, you might discover yourself surprised that from a 10M Mbps download speed, your download speed went down to 2. So, check regularly to make uninterrupted VOIP calling services.

Putting It All Together

With all the tests of our internet speed tools available online, you will constantly be empowered to ensure that your internet connectivity is in superior health condition and that you are running the optimum speed existing for your internet connection.

Internet speed tests are offering you the tools to improve your speed. This denotes that Internet users who thought they were stuck with the speed that they had, now have the opportunity of upgrading for higher performance.

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